The Power of 1
  • On the spot stress relief
  • A proven solution to stress issues
  • Take the "Power of 1" Challenge

Access your natural power to be at Brain State 1, the optimal brain connection for health and happiness. The simple tools of EBT are revolutionary. In one to four minutes, you can:

  • Relax Quickly & Easily – Reduce stress on the spot.
  • Access Your Joy – Release negative emotions easily and quickly.
  • Overcome Issues – Overeating, anxiety, depression and procrastination.
  • Be Your Best Self – Find new passion and purpose at work and at home.

Take our NEW Power of 1 Challenge, a 24-day video course that gives you the tools to be at Brain State 1. By taking only 10 minutes per day, you will learn tools that will change your life.

To say that EBT has been life changing would not be an exaggeration. Dee, California

If all of us had the benefit of EBT, I believe it might even be possible to contemplate world peace. Bill, Ontario

EBT is the therapy of the 21st century, because it is science-based and it works. Scott, New York

Access your Power of 1 through two options: A self-study membership or a small weekly telegroup with a Certified EBT Coach. Groups are private and convenient and include live demonstrations, warm connections and amazing breakthroughs. Both options include our member-only app, an EBT private phone line, and highly effective videos to bring you an exceptional experience. Continue your membership after the first 4 weeks to learn the advanced tools and raise your brain's set point, the most powerful thing anyone can do.

Get started now. You can do this! Taking 10 minutes per day for 24 days to learn these tools can change your life. Access your Power of 1 today!