The Power of 1
  • Solve problems rapidly
  • An easy, proven method
  • Get the skills in 24 days!

Emotional Brain Training

EBT is scientific, easy-to- learn, and proven method that solves problems. You learn the skills to switch your brain to the optimal state of well-being – Brain State 1. Problems fade and you feel your joy.

You can learn the EBT skills rapidly, confidentially and remotely to solve problems like overeating, anxiety, depression, sleep problems, body pain, social anxiety and emotional issues. Going through a life transition? That’s a perfect time for EBT.

We’re excited to offer our new 24-day Challenge course. Take 10 minutes per day for 24 days to learn the skills. Each skill is so powerful that you’ll be amazed at how great you feel.

You can personalize you program, too. Once you join, you can choose to take our signature course, the Power of 1 Challenge or, to solve weight and eating problems, select the The Joy Challenge.

One of the 10 top medical advances of the year. Health Magazine

EBT is the therapy of the 21st century, because it is science-based and it works. Scott, New York City

To say that EBT has been life changing would not be an exaggeration. Dee, California

If all of us had the benefit of EBT, I believe it might even be possible to contemplate world peace. Bill, Ontario