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Laurel Mellin

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Laurel Mellin

Certified EBT Provider
Since 2000
Location: California, USA

About Laurel

Founder of EBT has been researching and teaching EBT for 30 years and continues to create joy in her life.

What Brought Me To EBT

I was interested in why people did what they did, originally focusing on design, then nutrition, then health psychology. I liked art because the artist was trying to seek the truth. Life has never been boring in working with others to understand the emotional brain, in science and spirit.

My Professional History

My work at UCSF has been the centerpiece of my career, giving me a chance to work with world renowned scientists and learning so much from them. First in adolescent medicine, then family medicine and now in collaboration with Igor Mitrovic, neurophysiology. I have three work dreams that I want to have come true: Showing that people can use simple skills in loving community and reverse the age-related decline in emotional set point (a neuroscience-based human potential movement), seeing these tools become part of tech-based, remote and loving community so they are accessible and affordable to all, and somehow, somewhere coming full circle and bringing the tools to children, teens (including high risk youth) and families. We have much to do, and if you are a participant, please know we need you. It's all about community! Thanks for being part of EBT.

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