Concierge Coaching

See immediate results with the "What’s my number?"" approach with regular 25-minute coaching by telephone with a dedicated, enthusiastic EBT Provider. Plan the times that are convenient for you. Call in from anywhere, and watch the power of your own brain improve the quality of your life safely and easily. This service is convenient, private, and highly effective!

$79.00 / 4 weeks

Concierge Coaching

  • Unlimited messaging to your provider
  • One 25-Minute coaching sessions by telephone
  • Additional coaching available ($79.00/session)
  • Includes Online Plus

The Brain Based Health Program

  • The 30-Day Challenge with daily videos and readings
  • The Advanced EBT courses to raise your set point

Community Support

  • Forum boards
  • Weekly drop-in workshops
  • Workshop library of over 150 topics

The Brain Based Health by EBT app

  • "Joy in your pocket"
  • Process emotions effectively
One-click cancelation
Select concierge coaching
Questions? Speak with a Welcoming Specialist 800-441-2054 Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time