A neuroscience approach

The Power of One

Overcome Stress with Tools
Based on Brain Science

Emotional Brain Training

It’s a fresh new way . . .

When the brain is in an optimal state - Brain State One - we are healthy, happy, loving, productive and wise.

We have an abundance of joy and a zest for life. Stress falls away, and we can shake off worry and feel connected, present and rewarded.

. . . to get stress under control.

Our hunter-gatherer's brain gives us the capacity to be at Brain State One. All we require are the tools to access that powerful state more often and more easily.

The Power of One will give you those tools - and a fresh new approach to life.

What the experts say About the EBT Method

EBT is a novel and compelling approach to gaining control over one's life.
Bruce McEwen, Ph.DThe Rockefeller UniversityPioneer in Stress Science
EBT is a gift from science to you.
Michael Merzenich,Ph.D. UCSF, Father of Neuroplasticity

Learn simple skills to control stress

The Power of One approach to life is based on neuroscience. Instead of focusing on issues and problems, we keep it simple and focus on whether or not we are at Brain State 1, and if we are not, we use simple tools to get there.

Our problems disappear at the moment, and we bring our best selves to the tasks at hand. Over time, the brain changes. Instead of being in the stress habit, the brain adopts the habit of being at Brain State One.

Easy to learn and powerful to use

You can learn this new approach in just 30 days, by taking our Power of One Challenge. In just 10 minutes per day you learn one small but important skill, then use it that day to access Brain State One. It's a better day because you learned that skill!

You start by learning how to check in with yourself throughout the day. You notice whenever you are not at Brain State One, feeling a glow in your body and the emotion of joy, take out your EBT App and use the tools.

Effective techniques because they are natural

As you use the techniques, their power may surprise you. They are based on Emotional Brain Training (EBT), a simple, universal set of emotional tools that process stress quickly. The emotional brain has five pathways that optimally process daily stress and EBT gives you immediate access to those pathways.

The tools work quickly to change our mindset because they are emotional. Emotions change our physiologic state far more rapidly that thoughts.

The fact that the tools work quickly changes their role in our lives. We can use them for real-time stress relief. We do not have to wait until we arrive home or to the gym to feel better.

The techniques are effective for a broad range of stress levels, not just when we feel a little bit stressed, but even when stress would otherwise be overwhelming. That's the power of these tools!

Results in real time . . . how convenient!

The Power of One will quickly become part of how you live your best life. When you notice that you are not at your best, you use the tools. In just 30 seconds to four minutes, you can be back to your natural state of feeling connected, present and at your best. It's a great way to live!

Often when people first experience EBT, they say, "Amazing, this actually works!" or "These tools are magical!" or even "How did my brain do that?" The tools give you the power to find that sweet spot in the brain that leads from stress to joy.

A complete set of tools for enjoying your life

It is all natural and easy to learn so that after the 30-Day Power of One Challenge, you have a complete set of tools to process daily stress and a powerful neuroscience-based approach to living an exceptional life.

Try EBT for 30 days

We All Have the Power of One

  • Dr. Laurel Mellin, founder of emotional brain training and internationally-recognized authority on stress and neuroscience, explains the Power of One. Try the Power of One for 30 days

The Power of One Plans Natural Techinques to control Stress

From our members On their EBT Experience

EBT has single-handedly made traditional psychotherapy outdated. I cannot praise it highly enough. Everyone will be doing it in 20 years.
Scott, New York
This work is beyond words in its impact on the psyche and soul. You just have to experience it. Simply brilliant.
Melissa, Maryland

Why the Power of One?

We can feel better many ways, from boosting our mood by going for a run on a beautiful day, analyzing our thoughts and feelings, chatting with friends or even taking medications.

All these strategies to feel better have their merit, however, to resolve the cause of feeling stressed we need to change our brain in two important ways. We need to strengthen our natural pathways that lead from stress to joy and clear away the stress from past experiences that blocks these pathways.

By strengthening our resilience and clearing away stress, we can change more easily and naturally. If we do not clear it away and try to force ourselves to change anyway, it's exhausting! It usually works for a while, but when stress comes our way again? We're back to those old patterns.

The fact that neuroscience is showing us that we can unblock those pathways is a huge breakthrough in health care. In the past, we thought we were stuck with these patterns. Once the emotional brain circuits tell us to do something, it does not give up that pattern easily.

If we reached for a drink when we were highly stressed, then the brain creates a glitch that associates drinking with feeling safe, loved, protected and at peace. Then, it reactivates this pattern in response to even small daily stresses.

This brain issue of triggering these automatic responses impacts not just behaviors like overspending, overeating or overusing technology but patterns with mood, relationships, work and play. It is the cause of why so many problems are hard to resolve, including anxiety, depression, overeating, substance use, diabetes, PTSD and the whole range of problems that make us say, "Why do I keep doing that when I know I shouldn't?"

The answer is simple: We do them because "Stress Circuits" are blocking our resiliency pathways; they are stopping us from being at Brain State One. The problem is not us. It's stress, and by focusing on being at Brain State One and clearing away circuits that get in our way, we can both address the cause of these problems, and spiral up to a state of well-being more easily, more quickly and more reliably.

Try EBT for 30 days

From our members On their EBT Experience

  • Kay shares how the 30-Day Power of One Challenge changed her approach to life.

  • George W. describes the ways the 30-Day Power of One Challenge helped him improve his life.

Our Amazing Power to Be at One

How does EBT work in the brain? It's a fresh new approach that is based on neuroscience. You'll understand yourself better, where you have been and where you are going. You will learn how to "pull strings" on your inner life and change how you feel and what you do. No more self-judgments! No more feeling stuck!

Our Emotional Wires Control Us

EBT works because we store our responses to life in the wires of our emotional brain. Even though we think we are in conscious control of our responses, emotional wires control us. These wires tell us how to feel, what to expect and what to do.

Some Wires Are Effective; Some Are Not

We all have wires that are highly effective, automatically moving us along our resiliency pathways, ushering us through stress, so that we naturally feel healthy, have energy and experience joy. We also have wires that block these pathways, trigger stress and make it more difficult for us to be at our best.

We Can Rewire Circuits that Cause Stress-Related Problems

Research has shown that we can reroute our brain's pathways. We weaken circuits that trigger stress-related problems and blocks us from experiencing the seven rewards. We can strengthen circuits that swamp stress and unleash our astonishing capacity to reap these rewards.

We Have the Power to Change Our Brain - Let's Use It!

The emotional tools needed to rewire circuits follow a specific emotional pattern of activating stress, then turning it into joy. The developers of EBT discovered the techniques that follow this neuroscience formula so that we can take charge of our wiring.

EBT Gives Us that Power to Be at One

The Power of One Challenge makes the rewards of EBT accessible quickly and easily. With the EBT App and the support and learning from membership in the EBT Community, you can experience the power of the method without cutting into your time-scarce, busy life. When you are stressed, use EBT. Have a few minutes waiting for a client? Use EBT. In transit, listen to a 5-minute audio program and relax. Weave EBT into your life and watch your brain (and your life) transform.

Try EBT for 30 days

From our members On their EBT Experience

My experience with EBT has been life changing! Before practicing EBT, I felt depressed and anxious most days of my life and was unable to handle feeling my emotions.
Michelle, Kentucky
My EBT journey has been amazing. I was stressed a lot - either worrying about the future or getting stuck in my thoughts about the relationships in my life. Now I can be myself (not the stressed version), and I am truly enjoying my life.
Rebecca, California

The 30-Day Power of One Challenge

Our signature course, The Power of One Challenge, fits into your busy life.

You take about 10 minutes each day to view a video and to read a few pages to learn one new skill. Then you use that skill for the rest of the day to create joy in your life.

Day by day you build your skills, skills that will last a lifetime. The Power of One Challenge has three parts:

The Power of One Challenge Part One - Feel Your Joy Quickly and Easily

Download the EBT app, set up your member home page. Start learning how to turn daily stress into joy. The tools are based on the latest brain science of emotional brain training and clear away stress, so it becomes easy and natural to enjoy your life.

The Power of One Challenge Part Two - Clear Away Stress that Blocks Your Joy

Most of us have three Stress Circuits or "Brain Glitches" that block our capacity to be at Brain State One. Begin to clear away these circuits for a behavior, mood and relationship pattern that blocks your joy. Along the way, make five small "lifestyle resets" to adopt a lifestyle abundant in natural pleasure.

The Power of One Challenge Part Three - Celebrate Your Amazing Life

Finish your Power of One Challenge with a flourish! First, identify how many moments of joy you need per day to feel at your best, then take three days to personalize and use our proven lifestyle plan for vibrancy. Notice that you are naturally resilient, and feel better than you have in years!

Next Steps

What are the next steps after The Power of One Challenge? Continue with Emotional Brain Training's Advanced Courses to raise your emotional set point to access an abundance of the seven rewards of an exceptional life.

Try EBT for 30 days

The Science Behind The Power of One Method

  • Dr. Laurel Mellin, founder of Emotional Brain Training (EBT), describes the neuroscience behind the method. Try EBT for 30 days.

Emotional Brain Training (EBT)

Emotional Brain Training (EBT) is based on 30 years of solid research and designed with the support of an expert team of psychologists, neuroscientists, and physicians.

Dr. Laurel Mellin, the founder of the Emotional Brain Training (EBT), is a health psychologist and faculty member at the University of California, San Francisco. She is an international authority on stress, obesity, and neuroplasticity

Dr. Mellin founded the method by exploring how to turn off the stress drives in children. She traced research back to 1940 that suggested that simple patterns of emotional connection were missing in children, and she developed tools so they could reconnect with their emotions.

When children spontaneously improved their moods and drives, Dr. Mellin was so intrigued that she devoted her research to refine these techniques. Her collaborators, including EBT scientific director, Igor Mitrovic, MD, Lindsey Fish, MD, and Lynda Frassetto, MD transitioned the method to become the fully-neuroscience based EBT in 2007. Advances in technology and method simplification have continued since then, and the 30-Day Challenge was launched in 2017.

People use The Power of One to prevent and treat stress-related problems and to enhance their well-being. Also, there is an EBT program for overeating and overweight through The Joy Method website.

Why EBT Works

How effective is Emotional Brain Training (EBT)? Our research suggests that many people experience changes in a broad range of areas of life when they use EBT.

The brain is the controller of our moods, behaviors, productivity, relationships, and health, so changing the brain should impact many aspects of life. If the tools of EBT change the brain and can be used for life, then we would expect people to have lasting changes.

The studies of EBT are promising and have shown trends toward lasting improvements in many domains of life that are sustained after treatment ends, the "gold standard" of program effectiveness.

Lasting Improvements in Health and Happiness


The above graph shows the improvements maintained at two-year follow-up after an average of18 sessions of training in the EBT tools (Mellin, Croughan & Dickey, JADA 97:1133-1138).

Would you like to know more?

We're here to help, so feel free to send any questions in and we'll get back to you right away.