Brain Based Health with EBT

Use our Simple, Proven Method to Transform Your Life

Brain Based Health is a simple, science-based, proven way to use your emotions to turn stress into joy. Discover that by using the EBT tools, you will be addressing the root cause of overeating and weight regain. Ours is the only non-surgical program for overweight that has been shown to produce lasting results after treatment ends.

Step 1 - Try Out the Tools

Experience the power of the tools with our mobile app, online tools, and an introductory complimentary telephone coaching session. Listen to audio programs of real people using the tools to create joy in their lives. Be in awe of the power of these tools.

Step 2 - Learn How to Rewire

After you’ve tried out the tools, learn how to rewire moods, relationships, productivity, and habits. Upgrade your membership to Online Plus and watch videos, listen to the tools in action, and enjoy your brain’s amazing skill to rewire itself! Highly recommended: join a telegroup or order coaching to see better results faster.

Step 3 - Become Wired for Joy

Next, turn your attention to raising your brain’s set point so you have all seven of these rewards: sanctuary, authenticity, vibrancy, integrity, intimacy, spirituality, and freedom. Highly recommended: join a telegroup or order coaching to see better results faster. Stay with the method until you are wired for joy and have freedom from the whole range of common excesses..

Get Started by Trying Out the Tools!

Try Out The Tools

$9.99 / 4 weeks

Discover how easy it is to get to joy with the tools of emotional brain training (EBT). Check in with yourself and in two to four minutes, you will feel good or great. Stress, procrastination, anxiety, and burnout subside. That’s the power of joy! Includes an e-learning book and a complimentary coaching session to support your success in getting started.


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Learn How to Rewire

Online PLUS

$39.00 / 4 weeks

After trying out the tools, upgrade your membership to Online PLUS. Use the self-study basic course and learn how to rewire your own emotional brain. You’ll have access to the entire Brain Based Health program. Includes basic and advanced video courses, drop-in workshops, community forum boards, and a library of 150 tapes for listening to others use the tools to rewire.


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Become Wired for Joy!

Check In Telegroup Weekly for 30 minutes

$89.00 / 4 weeks

Enjoy a 30-minute weekly group by telephone with a Certified EBT Provider and five other participants. Use our private, confidential telephone system to check in with other members for brief “connections” between sessions. It’s a fantastic experience because you see yourself and others change in profound ways. The structure of meeting weekly is convenient, fun, and effective.


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Concierge Coaching Private telephone sessions

$189.00 / 4 weeks

For privacy, convenience, and rapid results, choose the Concierge Coaching Package. It was designed for busy people who want to complete the Brain Based Health program and become wired for joy. Includes two 30-minute sessions every four weeks and unlimited messaging. This membership is ideal if you want highly personalized and convenient support for becoming wired for joy.


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Premium Telegroup Weekly for 60 minutes

$159.00 / 4 weeks

Our premium telegroups are a full hour and include hands-on use of the tools. This makes each session exciting and deep, all with the convenience and privacy of a telephone group. The small group of six members develops strong bonds that enhance progress. With brief “connections” with other group members between sessions, you will inspire and support one another. Your Certified EBT Provider will support your success as you become wired for joy!


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The Brain Reset 30 Day Intensive

$699.00 / 30 days

This intensive is the ideal way to reset your brain for becoming wired for joy. Accomplish six months of rewiring in 30 days! Set aside 30 minutes daily to meet by telephone with five other people and two Certified EBT Providers. You will “reset” your life. It is a life-changing experience!


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