Brain Based Health with EBT

Discover your brain’s hidden pathway from stress to joy

Welcome to brain-based health. It’s a new approach to stress, health, and life.

What’s brain-based health?

The brain has the capacity to move us from stress to joy, as doing so is essential to the survival of the species. Our hunter-gatherer brain can do this rather rapidly.

We all have this emotional pathway in our brain and when we use it, our stress chemicals quiet down and our healing chemicals ramp up.

By using this pathway more often, we can improve our health and happiness as well as our moods, productivity, relationships, and overall well-being.

Experience getting from stress to joy.

Just the way you can’t explain to someone the tingling in your body when you watch a sunset or the warm glow you feel when you feel loved, it’s hard to describe the experience of using this hidden pathway.

We invite you to experience it! You can do that on your own with a "try out the tools" membership. Or, choose any of our other memberships and we’ll include a complimentary, private "discovery session" by telephone with one of our dedicated, certified providers, so that you can feel that tingling and glow in real time.

Select a membership and begin!

Try Out The Tools

$9.99 / 4 weeks

Discover how to use the tools with our app, read our book, and learn how to move from stress to joy on your own.


Online PLUS

$39.00 / 4 weeks

Discover your hidden pathway from stress to joy with a complimentary coaching session by telephone and experience complete access to the brain-based health program.


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Check In Telegroup Weekly for 30 minutes

$89.00 / 4 weeks

Experience complete access to the brain-based health program, a private coaching session, along with the added inspiration and support of a small group for just 30 minutes per week.


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Premium Telegroup Weekly for 60 minutes

$159.00 / 4 weeks

Experience our brain-based health program, and a private coaching session, in combination with a weekly telegroup for in-depth work with a small group. This premium service will become the highlight of your week for optimal well-being.


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The Brain Reset 30 Day Intensive

$699.00 / 30 days

The brain appreciates emersion in discovering the pathway from stress to joy. Reset your brain in 30 days, and accomplish what would otherwise take 6 months to accomplish! For those who want rapid results and a life-changing experience.


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