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Transform your habits, moods, relationships, and productivity

Stress overload is caused by the brain

The brain has five stress styles that are encoded in the brain and fire automatically and often to cause stress overload. By changing those brain pathways, we can promote optimal well-being.

Change your brain and optimal health naturally follows

Join EBT and begin using our simple, proven tools. Notice that your mood, relationships, productivity, and habits begin to change.  You experience more power and vibrancy in daily life.

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Online PLUS

$39 / 4 weeks Try it FREE for 7 days!

Are you new to EBT? This is the right membership for you – an easy introduction to EBT and a mentor to guide your way. Your first 7 days are FREE. Continue with this membership if you like the low price point and solo learning. You can upgrade your membership at any time.
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Weekly 30-Minute Telegroup

$89 / 4 weeks Try it FREE for 7 days!

This membership is perfect if you have a busy schedule and want to see faster results and have more fun using EBT. It includes our entire program plus a weekly group meeting by telephone. Call in from work, home, or in transit and leave each 30-minute session inspired and motivated to train your brain for optimal functioning. Watch your mood, relationships, work, and habits naturally improve. It’s fun to use the techniques!
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Weekly 60-Minute Telegroup

$159 / 4 weeks

If you want hands-on support, with coaching during the session to personalize the techniques, then this is the right membership for you. It includes our entire program plus a weekly 60-minute group meeting by telephone. Call in from work, home, or in transit and enjoy a complete training experience.
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30-Day Intensive Package

$699 / 30 days

If you want to experience exceptional and rapid results with EBT, then the 30-Day Power Of One Intesive is the best choice for you. The emotional brain changes with focused daily support and learning one new tool each day. This course can be life-changing.
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