The Program

Stress overload is the #1 underlying cause most health problems and the suffering we are experiencing in these challenging times

The emotional brain is very capable of clearing high-intensity stress and returning us to states of well-being and a sense of peace and power within. In order to capitalize on the brain’s natural resilience, we need new tools. For the coronavirus, we need a vaccine, but to recover as quickly and as easily as possible from COVID-19, we also need a stress solution. EBT is that solution: science-based, highly effective, and easy to use.

We invite you to try out the EBT techniques and appreciate that by updating your stress-tools, you can boost your capacity to live a healthy, happy, purposeful life even in these uncertain times.

The EBT Approach

Using this method involves two steps, which typically take four minutes or less:

Step 1. Ask yourself, "What’s my number?"
Check your stress level on a 5-point scale. Once you know your number, reduce your stress quickly and easily with our easy-to-use tools.

Step 2. Take action with purpose
Next, sustain your optimal state by using our Take Action Tool. It helps you to move forward effectively with clarity and purpose.

How the Program Works

Begin . . . Try Out the Tools
Become a Try Out the Tools member of the community. Start using the tools and feel relaxed and positive right from the start.

Next . . . Learn How to Rewire
After one to three weeks, you will be more stress effective and want to learn more. Upgrade your membership and learn how to rewire your stress so you can feel better faster and sustain that optimal state of well-being for longer. Choose a private or small group option.

Last . . . Raise Your Set Point
Use our advanced courses to train your brain for optimal resilience and to experience the seven rewards of a purposeful life: sanctuary, authenticity, vibrancy, integrity, intimacy, spirituality, and freedom. Become stress-effective. Unlock your brain’s power for health, happiness, and purpose.

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