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What is EBT?

EBT is a brain-based solution for life. The techniques give you direct access to your resiliency pathways, so you can quickly and easily get to Brain State 1.

When you are at Brain State 1, the chemical and electrical flow through your body are at their best, and your emotions, thoughts and actions are at peak performance.

Health problems fade, and you move forward in life with more ease and grace. Whether it is overweight, anxiety, sleep problems, depression or any of the 80% of health problems that are rooted in stress, you’ll feel better.

How do you learn EBT? The emotional brain is the social brain, so we learn them best with others. You join a telegroup that meets weekly. The groups are small, private and confidential and included is a full suite of apps, videos, workshops, and forum boards. You learn on the spot and see results right away.

Learn the techniques. Then share it with your family and friends. Can you imagine a world in which more people were at Brain State 1? That would be a true solution. Help us make that dream come true. Start today!