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The first thing you are apt to notice when you start using our app to switch circuits is that you have no words for what you feel.

You know how to change your thinking, track your habits, and analyze “why” you do what you do. Yet this is different. You switch your entire physiology. All of it! Within a couple of minutes, you think smart and feel grounded and powerful. A kinder, more loving side of yourself automatically emerges and there is a tingle, a glow, a lightness of being in your body.

That's because EBT is not just psychological but biological, as switching circuits controls the stress response. You are using skills aimed at decreasing the stress hormone cortisol the substrate for judgments, hatred, and sickness, and activating feel-good chemicals of loving kindness, cooperation, and optimal health. That shift is quick. It's exciting, and definitely . . . new.

Finding peace and power from within

At that point, you may be tempted to go back to your old ways of taking charge of your life. EBT is "different" and switching circuits causes a feeling of inner peace. That is Brain State 1, where we have interoceptive awareness of what is going on in our body and quick access to feel-good neurochemicals. It's not unusual to both like EBT and feel threatened by the change it brings. Do you really want to live in a new world of switching circuits and have that much power?

"I used the app for the first time. I have no words to describe
the sensation except ... amazing!"

Angie, Seattle

At this point, you may be interested in learning more about the science of EBT. If you do, then read up on it, but otherwise, just have fun using the app. Be playful, and know that it is safe and effective to do because the tools are based on the EBT 5-Point System of Emotional and Behavioral Regulation . . .

You cannot go wrong: The EBT 5-Point SystemThere are only five skills, one for each brain stress level (“brain state”) that switches off that stress level and takes you to Brain State 1. As your brain state is always changing, just use whichever tool appeals to you. The key is to keep using the tools until you experience Brain State 1, with a glow, tingle, or lightness that comes from turning off the stress response ("HPA axis") and clearing cortisol.

Once you are comfortable with some of the concepts of EBT (the "warm-up" activities), you'll probably want to intensify your practice. Why not spend more moments of your day at Brain State 1?

Click on the "Learn" button on your member home page
Spend 5 minutes most days to learn a new skill.

Feel Better Faster: Want a Cortisol Detox?It's time to start training your emotional brain out of its stress habit, that is, raising your set point so your brain spontaneously uses its resilience pathways and finds it comfortable and comforting to be at Brain State 1.

A great way to experience great results is to commit to using EBT quite frequently for several days. Set up a personalized plan (see the Learn button on your member homepage) for a beautiful, transformative experience.

We call it the 5-Day Cortisol Detox, but you can personalize it to fewer days. However, when starting any new health program, even a diet, giving yourself a good stress cleanse goes a long way to stopping the addiction to stress and creating immediate results with EBT. Consider it a way to wash yourself of cortisol-induced cravings, irritability, and judgments and discover the deep well of lovingkindness and supreme personal control that is within you.

It's simple. Start by bringing up a happy memory as a way of creating a chemical surge of Brain State 1, then whenever you are not at that Brain State 1, reach for your app and get back to that great state. By the 4th or 5th day of the cleanse, many people notice profound shifts and a deepened commitment to becoming Wired at One.

"I used the app for the first time. I have no words to describe
the sensation except ... amazing!"

Angie, Seattle

Tell Me More: The 30-day Basic CourseTypically, about a month into using EBT, you'll feel much better, but become aware that you have a few "wires" in your brain that are hard to clear. All of us have some of them, so the next step is to learn how to rewire.

You'll use the same tools in more sophisticated ways that clear away some of the emotional trash from the past and gain skills that you can use for the rest of your life. Whenever a fear memory, drive, unhealthy habit, or bad feeling arises, it's a circuit and you will now have the skills to rewire it.

EBT works faster when we use the tools with others

EBT groups are great, and the forum boards are convenient.

Focus on higher purpose: The 7 RewardsOther than being sure to keep EBT fun and be playful when you start your journey, the most challenging juncture comes next. Oddly enough, it is fun to discover wires and clear them. You might be apt to “see circuits everywhere.”

Although it is fun to keep seeking new circuits to rewire, the quickest way to become Wired at One is to focus on what you want: the seven rewards of a purposeful life. There is one amazing course for each reward. Complete them in order and get the job done. This is Advanced EBT (again, under the Learn button on your member homepage), where you will rewire circuits that otherwise might block you from accessing an abundance of the sustainable, non-addictive rewards of purpose.

By rewiring these circuits, you reduce your allostatic load from the past. Skip rewiring circuits that do not matter, and learn skills missed in childhood, 10 for each of the seven rewards. Each advanced course takes 30 days (more or less, if you like) and one by one your brain learns to spontaneously deliver the rewards of Sanctuary, Authenticity, Vibrancy, Integrity, Intimacy, Spirituality, and Freedom.

"What I like most about EBT is that it works every time.
I can trust the tools and trust myself."

Jamie, Florida

Become Wired at OneYou'll be adding to your repertoire some astonishingly powerful tools - the Travel Back Tool and the Clear the Clutter Tool - which you can use in therapy (many therapists are EBT Certified) but you can use them on your own to clear away trauma circuits whenever those wires become activated.

As you move through the advanced courses and decrease the chronic secretion of cortisol, you are naturally loving and kind and the rewards of higher purpose nourish your spirit. Compassion, love, gratitude, hope, forgiveness, awe, and joy boost your vibrancy and you have a new zest for life. Life is still gritty, and adversity comes your way, but you can handle it. Although we would never look for adversity, when it arrives, it tests our mettle, and, more often than not, we find we are stronger than we knew.

The allostatic circuits give way to the homeostatic circuits until, just after a few deeper hurts heal, you experience the “emergent effect.” Circuits start switching naturally, Brain State 1 is your natural comfort state, and you are perfectly free and happy to be in stressed states regularly, as a way of updating your brain's emotional architecture and strengthening your high set point.

Many methods told me to love myself, but EBT gave me the skills to feel worthy of love - and to love myself unconditionally!

Kathy, Milwuakee.

At that point, you are unstoppable. You have wired your brain with The 7 Core Circuits of Emotional Evolution, so no matter what stressful situation comes your way, you bounce back quickly. Common excesses have long since faded and you know that you can trust yourself, love yourself unconditionally, and be the loving, productive, and kind force that the world needs most right now.

The journey that began with reaching for an app and spiraling up, all based on neuroscience, has turned into a fascination with the deeper meanings of life. You know for sure that you can meet your needs for safety, love, comfort, pleasure, and purpose and are living your best life.

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