Want more joy in your life? Rewire your emotional brain.

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    Identify a problem that blocks your joy (e.g., anxiety, depression, overeating, weight, work issues, relationship stress).

  • 2

    Use Emotional Brain Training (EBT) to rewire that problem

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    Continue using EBT until you are spontaneously resilient and joy becomes your brain's new habit.

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What is EBT?

Emotional Brain Training is a neuroscience-based way of living your best life. All our problems are caused or amplified by wires in our emotional brain. EBT gives you the power to switch off those wires on the spot. If you notice that a wire is particularly strong, that's not a problem. Use EBT more precisely and rewire it.

How does EBT work?

Throughout the day, keep our amazing app handy. Whenever a stressor crops up, reach for your app and switch off the circuit that is causing it. Get immediate relief. If that problem really bothers you, put it on your "rewiring list," and when you have the time, use the app again to rewire it for lasting relief.

What support is available?

Great support is included with all memberships. Every day there is a LIVE drop-in session with a Certified EBT Provider so you can have your questions answered and learn the basics of the tools. It's private and confidential. See the techniques in action and feel better on the spot.

How does rewiring circuits change me?

Once you learn the EBT tools, you can relax. Whenever you feel bad, you know just what to do: reach for your app and switch off the circuit that is causing the problem. It all adds up. Each time you rewire a circuit,your brain becomes more naturally resilient and you become happier and healthier.

Can rewiring circuits transform your life?

YES! A product of more than 30 years of research, our video course, the EBT 1-2-3 JOY Program, guides you in raising your brain's set point for lasting improvements in health and well-being. Train your brain for spontaneous resilience and the habit of being in joy and purpose rather than in stress so that you can live your best life.

Stress Eating Book Cover

The Weight Loss Solution

If you want to lose weight and keep it off naturally, EBT is the right program for you. Begin your EBT journey by using our Spiral Up! app. Switch off the circuits that drive the chemicals that cause you to overeat. Notice that it easier to eat healthy right from the start.

Continue with the proven EBT Program. Rewire your "Food Circuit" and other wires so that you stop needing the extra food and losing weight becomes easy and natural. EBT is the only method that has been shown in peer-reviewed research journals to produce lasting weight loss after treatment ends. This program is life-changing.

"EBT acts like a natural appetite suppressant. I am losing weight without diets or therapy. This method is magical." Susan F., Portland, Oregon

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The Emotional Health Solution

Your brain is amazingly resilient. You can use its natural resiliency pathways with our Spiral Up! app and feel better right from the start. Whether you are overcoming anxiety, depression, PTSD, addictions, or stress, the tools are amazingly powerful.

EBT goes to the roots of emotional health issues and rewires the circuits that cause them. Continue with the proven EBT program to rewire trauma circuits, reactivity, and chronic stress. Learn how powerful you can be in changing you own emotional health by using the best of neuroscience and feel better faster.

"EBT has changed my life on so many levels. I am no longer on anxiety meds and I'm healthier than ever. I'm eternally grateful to EBT." Melissa M., Seattle, Washington


Beyond Drugs, Therapy, or Diets

Sometimes people need drugs. Therapy can help, and nutrition knowledge is important, however, what is missing in all these approaches is EBT.

EBT switches off the chemical drives that limit the effectiveness of these methods and activates healing chemicals that promote faster results and lasting improvements in health. Add EBT to your health program and feel the difference right away.


EBT works immediately
and in the long-term

Immediate symptom reliefAnytime you feel bad, the problem is the circuit your brain is running. Switch off that circuit with EBT and you will feel better right away.

A lasting, natural solution to problemsUse EBT to discover the circuit that causes a problem and to rewire that circuit so that the problem fades or disappears.

Use EBT as a Natural Solution to Common Problems

stress eating
work stress
relationship problems
sleep problems
EBT Founder Dr. Laurel Mellin presents Food Addiction: Treating Compulsive Eating through Emotional Brain Training sponsored by the University of California, San Francisco's Consortium for Obesity Assessment, Study, and Treatment.

Scientifically Validated Benefits That Last

In a study conducted at UCSF, participants had improved their health at 3 months and these improvements were sustained at 2-year follow-up.

91% Increased Happiness
86% Enhanced Relationships
77% Decreased Weight
Mellin, L., Croughan, M., & Dickey, L. (2000). American Dietetic Association Annual Meeting, and Journal of the American Dietetic Association, 97, 1133-1138.
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"The method is a life-changer! The tools are based on cutting-edge neuroscience and they work."
Patricia A. Robertson, MD, professor of obstetrics and gynecology,
School of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco

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