Use simple, proven techniques to rapidly reduce stress, and take charge of your life.

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A Proven Method

"One of the 10 Top Medical Advances of the Year."Health Magazine
"EBT is a gift from science to you."Michael Merzenich, PhD
University of California San Francisco
Neuroscientist and Father of Neuroplasticity
"EBT is a novel and compelling approach to gaining control over one's life."Bruce McEwen, PhD
The Rockefeller University
Neuroscientist and Pioneer in Stress Science

Praise for the Method

"I cannot praise it highly enough. Everyone will be doing it in 20 years." Scott, New York City
"EBT has changed my life on so many levels ... and I feel healthier than ever." Lynda, California
"I am really able to be myself ... and am truly enjoying my life." Rebecca, California

Why It Works

In a normal day, the brain is in five different moods.

Stress 1

When we feel stressed, the brain activates strong drives that make us over-react or feel stuck.

Stress 2

When we feel balanced, the drives to over-react or feel stuck fade. We are naturally more present and take charge.

Stress 3

EBT gives us the power to spiral up out of stress, so we are naturally present, aware and in control.

Stress 4

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* In a study of 74 subjects, 99% respondents rated the plan as excellent or good, 99% would recommend it to a friend and 94% reported a decrease in their drives by the end of the third day. Mellin, L. Ballantine Books, 2005