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The tools are easy and effective

EBT is a gift from science to you.
Michael Merzenich, PhD
The Father of Neuroplasticity
Professor Emeritus of Neuroscience
University of California, San Francisco
The first method to show lasting weight loss after treatment ends.
John Foreyt, PhD
Director, Behavioral Medicine Research Center
Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, Texas
EBT offers a compelling approach to gaining control over one's life.
Bruce S. McEwen, PhD
Pioneer in Stress Science
Alfred E. Mirsky Professor
Rockefeller University, New York

Achieve optimal well-being

Upgrade your wiring. Problems naturally fade or completely disappear.

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* Mitrovic, I., et al. (2011) A New Paradigm in Healthcare: Rewiring the Stress Response. Hypothesis (2011). Mellin, L., (2013) Emotional Plasticity Theory. Proquest Dissert. 1400002539 McEwen & Gianaros, P.J. (2011) Stress and Allostasis-induced Brain Plasticity Annual Reviews of Medicine.

The tools produce amazing results

The Stress Eating Solution

EBT has saved my life when it comes to food. I never had to go on a "diet." I just changed my brain. It's amazing to me.
Lori, Plymouth Meeting, PA
EBT is kind of a miracle. It is such a feeling of freedom to not have to turn to food.
Kay, San Francisco, CA

The Stress Overload Solution

This work is beyond words in its impact on the psyche and the soul. Simply brilliant.
Melinda, Baltimore, MD
EBT has single-handedly made psychotherapy outdated. Everyone will be using it in 20 years.
Scott, New York, NY

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EBT is easy and convenient. The program involves three steps

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The Stress Eating Solution

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The Stress Overload Solution

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Choose either the Stress Eating program or the Stress Overload program. Not sure which program you want? Choose one, and we will automatically give you access to both programs. Many members enjoy completing both of them.

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