Brain Based Health

A new pathway to well-being

Our brain has natural pathways that move us from stress to joy

EBT is a gift from science to you.
Michael Merzenich, PhD
The Father of Neuroplasticity Professor Emeritus of Neuroscience University of California, San Francisco

EBT gives us the power to use these pathways quickly and easily

This work is beyond words in its impact on the psyche and the soul. Simply brilliant.
Melinda, Baltimore, MD
EBT has single-handedly made psychotherapy outdated. Everyone will be using it in 20 years.
Scott, New York, NY

With EBT, we can move from stress to joy anytime and anywhere!

Use the EBT Tools to improve moods, habits, relationships, and productivity

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Or use our tools to improve eating, moods, body image, and weight

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