What is EBT?

A new, brain-based way to promote optimal well-being

It is the age of the emotional brain when the #1 epidemic worldwide, stress, is encoding brain circuits that are the root of most problems with mood, habits, relationships, productivity, and health. Instead of living with these problems, people use EBT to rewire the circuits that cause them.

What is the basis for EBT?

EBT is based on emotional neuroplasticity

The wires that control the electrical and chemical patterns in our body and brain are stored in the emotional brain. Breakthroughs in neuroscience have shown that these circuits can be rewired if we spark the level of emotion that we experienced when they were encoded. EBT equips us with simple tools that provide that spark and an entire program for raising the brain’s emotional set point for lasting results.

Can you compare EBT to other methods?

Traditional methods were developed 50 to 100 years ago before research demonstrated the effectiveness of emotional neuroplasticity. Only EBT provides a comprehensive program for rewiring the root cause of problems – stress circuits – and promoting lasting results by rewiring the stress habit of the brain.


Medications can be an essential part of the treatment for many problems, particularly when an individual is recovering from extreme stress overload, however, medications do not rewire stress circuits.

Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive therapy, or changing thoughts to change emotions and behaviors, has shown short-term narrow effectiveness, enough to be called the therapy of choice in the last 20 years, during which time emotional and behavioral problems have become epidemic. Cognitive therapy does not have emotional roots, as cognitive control fails to control the emotional brain in moderate to high stress (just when we need assistance). Problems can seem to resolve, but they return during stress episodes.

Behavior Therapy

Making small changes in behavior to improve neuroplasticity, health, and happiness is part of the EBT program. However, behavioral treatments do not rewire the stress circuits that are the root cause of most problems.


EBT builds on mindfulness training in that all effective methods of treatment require that we are present and aware, and mindfulness has been shown to be helpful as a first step in improving well-being. However, mindfulness does not provide the emotional activation that is necessary to rewire stress circuits. Research has shown mindfulness to be ineffective for the treatment of obesity, binge eating disorder, and other conditions rooted in stress circuitry.


Psychotherapy can be effective in the treatment of many emotional and behavioral health problems. Many people who use EBT also are under the care of a psychotherapist. EBT provides a structured, progressive program for rewiring circuits and group and one-on-one support as an adjunct to psychotherapy or as a replacement for it.

12-Step Programs

The warm support and wide-spread availability of these groups make them the #1 self-help program worldwide. Without access to others who meet in confidence and who share their stories, the world would be far worse off. About 25 percent of EBT participants have had some contact with these programs. However, they do not provide a structured set of tools to rewire the brain circuitry that activates addictive behavior or training to raise the brain’s set point.

How does the program work?

Step 1: Play with the Tools

The emotional brain likes to have fun, and a slow start in EBT is a great start. Users download the app, watch a few videos, drop in for workshops or mentor sessions and, in general, become comfortable with EBT. You start right where you are and go at the pace that is right for you. Soon your emotional brain will want more.

Step 2: Reset Your Brain: The 30-Day Challenge

The 30-Day course provides a complete foundation in EBT, in which participants learn how to get from stress to joy from any stress level, how to rewire four major brain circuits, and jumpstart raising their set point. Learn a new skill every day (or at a pace of your choosing) and experience the life-changing effects of EBT.

Step 3: Raise your Set Point

Once you have completed the 30-Day Challenge, most people choose to build on that base and raise their emotional set point, the most powerful change that anyone can make. Use our Second 30-Days Program to allow your emotional brain to consolidate the changes you have made during the 30-Day Challenge and make solid changes in your circuits and a vibrancy lifestyle. After that, move through the advanced courses to experience an abundance of the seven rewards of purpose (Sanctuary, Authenticity, Vibrancy, Integrity, Intimacy, Spirituality, and Freedom). Continue with EBT to deepen your skills or by joining one of our EBT Affiliate Programs to give back and support bringing the tools to more people.

Is EBT healthcare?

EBT provides a foundation for optimal healthcare

EBT is designed to reduce physiologic stress and inflammation and treat the root cause of most health problems. It is not a substitute for healthcare, but a way to present yourself to the healthcare system with an ace in the hole – optimizing your brain’s capacity to activate the natural healing chemicals that flow in your body and brain when Stress Circuits have been de-activated or erased and your brain set point is on the rise. This may help prevent problems, or if problems arise, help avoid the overuse of medications, procedures, and devices.

Why does EBT focus on joy?

The emotion of joy is a sign of optimal brain functioning

When the brain is functioning at its best ("neural integration"), our physiology is optimal, and we experience the emotion of joy. Accessing even a few moments of joy during the day can be chemically powerful, as that joy signifies that our stress is low and our brain's reward center is activated, both of which are needed for optimal well-being.

Can I share EBT with others?

Members often share our mission

We appreciate your sharing the method with others to help us meet our mission of raising the set point of the planet. We believe these tools are core to living our best lives. With more people empowered to raise their set point, the world is a healthier, more peaceful, and happier place. We offer programs to become an EBT Ambassador or, if you are a health professional, to become a Certified EBT Provider. All leaders in EBT complete the personal training so that they embody the method and raise their own set point.

How do I start using EBT?

Sign up for a membership

Begin by choosing a membership that is right for you. Most people start with our online self-study membership, download the EBT app, and use the tools 10 times. Then they explore other options, including continuing with our self-study membership or enrolling in a daily or weekly telegroup or ordering sessions of EBT telecoaching.

Do I need to join an EBT telegroup?

The more support you access, the faster you see results

Some individuals prefer to stay with the EBT self-study membership. Others want more structure and inspiration, so they select either a daily or weekly telegroup to experience better results, faster. The emotional brain is the social brain, so it changes most efficiently when we use the tools with others.

The most popular option is the 30-Day Intensive, which meets daily for 30 minutes over 30 consecutive days. Participants typically have a life-changing experience, as the brain learns to organize itself around a higher set point.

In addition to the 30-Day Intensive, we offer weekly telegroups for 30 minutes (great for inspiration, structure, and making connections) or 60 minutes (includes all the activities of a 30-minute telegroup with provider coaching and deep work done in the session). Join the online membership to get started. Experience the power of the tools to switch off stress and activate a warm glow in your body allowing you to be your best self.

Who are EBT Providers?

They are health professionals who specialize in EBT

EBT Providers all use the method and have raised their own set point and have completed clinical training in EBT. While they may be physicians, psychotherapists, or other health professionals, they do not practice their profession in facilitating groups and coaching.

EBT Providers offer no advice about your situation. Instead, they specialize in helping you to quickly and easily utilize the tools, so that you experience that state of connection in which you listen to the deepest part of yourself and accesses your inherent strength, goodness, and wisdom. They are drawn to certification and to provide these services because they want to empower people to help themselves and to be part of an innovative neuroscience-based paradigm in healthcare. Since EBT Providers have experienced the power of the tools to transform their own lives, they are enthusiastic about sharing the EBT experience with others.

What happens in a telegroup session?

Groups are small, private, confidential, and effectiveT

Telegroup sessions meet with the same EBT Provider and five to seven like-minded participants to learn how to use the EBT tools together. Each session is private, with no identifying information (last name, email, phone, or location) and a great sense of joy and power in the process. Convenient telegroups spare the participants transportation time and expense, while the brain lights up in response to fellow human voices, providing an experience that is both authentic and meaningful.

Just call into each group session from home, from work, or while in transit, and be greeted by your EBT Provider. There is no requirement to say anything, and you may always pass by stating, "I pass," when it is your turn to share. Warm up to the group slowly and start witnessing rapid changes in yourself and others. Between each session, connect by phone for one to five minutes with other group participants to practice and use the tools.

Research has shown that these connections are associated with positive health outcomes and loving the EBT process. Try a group for four weeks, and if you are not satisfied, we will happily switch or cancel your membership. Our goal is for you to find the EBT tools and groups to be the most powerful support you have ever experienced!

What If I am not satisfied with EBT?

You can stop your membership at anytime

Our aim is for you to find EBT to be the most powerful program you have ever experienced. If you are not completely satisfied with the program for any reason, you can de-activate your subscription at any time, and you will have access to the program until the next four-week billing cycle begins. It only takes one click to cancel your membership, and we conclude your membership with a smile. Often, after people stop their membership, they find their way back to EBT eventually. The most frequent response to why they are returning: "EBT works!"

Questions? Call 800-850-9471 M-F 9am to 4pm Pacific Time or email us at support@ebt.org.