What is EBT?

It is a method that promotes optimal brain functioning.

EBT is a program of neuroscience-based tools and support designed to prevent and treat stress-related problems and promote optimal well-being.

EBT is a new paradigm in healthcare that equips individuals with skills that give them power to rewire the stress circuits that underlie the 75 to 90% of health problems caused by chronic stress including overeating, overweight, anxiety and depression.

Short-term use of the method solves problems, and the advanced EBT courses are aimed at raising the brain’s emotional set point for lasting improvements, minimizing the need for medications, procedures, or devices and promoting optimal well-being.

How does EBT work?

EBT is based on neurophysiology and neuroplasticity.

The breakthrough of EBT is based on neurophysiology and neuroplasticity. By changing the stress circuits that control our physiology, we can take charge of our health and happiness.

The emotional techniques of EBT give individuals the power to change the brain pathways or “circuits” that control automatic responses to life.

This health strategy is possible because these circuits are stored in five "drawers" in the brain. Each drawer in the brain corresponds with one of the five stress levels we experience and gives us an opportunity to replay old responses. By learning the method, you can unlock these drawers and change your responses in daily life.

Why is EBT important?

Disconnection in the brain ("stress") is the #1 epidemic worldwide.

There will always be stress in our world, but EBT gives us the power to control how we respond to it. Stress is the #1 epidemic worldwide and the untapped power we have to control our health and happiness is to change our stress wiring so that it promotes resilience and optimal well-being.

People incorporate EBT tools into their daily routine and count on decreased stress to make it easier for them to stay healthy. The EBT program is adjunct to the use of traditional medicine for health monitoring, acute care, and treatment, as needed.

What makes EBT unique?

The tools of EBT give quick access to the brain’s resiliency pathways.

The EBT system offers a simple set of tools that enable you to follow your brain’s natural resiliency pathways to reduce stress and activate the brain’s reward centers. All tools and techniques are founded on the principles of neuroscience and are unique to this method. The EBT program is evidence-based and supported with ten studies on its effectiveness.

EBT is the only intervention that delivers emotional tools that:

How can EBT help me?

There are three steps in the EBT Program.

Step 1: Begin your EBT Practice by learning how to reduce stress rapidly. Using the EBT app and instructional videos, you'll begin to experience the power of the brain training method. Upon using the tools 20 times, for 30 seconds to four minutes for each instance, progress to learning the techniques.

Step 2: Take our 30-day course to become proficient and achieve a deep natural state of well-being and clear away four stress-activating circuits.

Step 3: Continue with Advanced EBT to raise your emotional set point for lasting results and the seven rewards of a purposeful life.

How else can EBT help me?

Choose a challenge you want to resolve and solve it.

Stress causes problems in not just one category, but usually related to four universal issues. You can rewire an unhealthy or unproductive stress-induced response, utilizing EBT to solve a problem, rather than continue to live with the stress and its results. In the 30-day Challenge, you will choose four circuits ("problems") to rewire.

Most of us experience a mood that lingers, such as anxiety, depression, irritability or even an absence of feelings. That pattern in the brain is a "Mood Circuit." This circuit triggers stress in the brain which causes subtle changes in relationships, such as distancing ourselves from others or losing ourselves in others. Both responses can block a deepening of intimacy and result in even more stress. This brain pattern is a "Love Circuit." Depending on the program you choose to rewire, you can focus on a "Work Circuit," a "Body Circuit," a "Food Circuit" or a "Habit Circuit."

By clearing away these circuits, it’s easier to achieve optimal brain and body functioning and move forward with raising your brain’s emotional set point.

Can you compare EBT to mindfulness?

EBT incorporates mindfulness but goes beyond it.

Both mindfulness and EBT help you train your brain to be present, open and aware. While the mindfulness process is useful, additional emotional skills are needed to promote resiliency in all levels of stress. Also, EBT facilitates faster stress reduction, requiring only 30 seconds to four minutes, whereas mindfulness may take 20 to 30 minutes to achieve the same results. This rapid processing time you gain with EBT can reduce stress in real time. No more waiting to feel better! Last, EBT provides the tools and support to target and rewire patterns that block your optimal state and produce long-term results.

Compare EBT to cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

EBT changes emotional circuits, whereas CBT changes cognitive circuits.

Emotional circuits cause the automatic responses in the brain that result in issues and problems, such as anxiety, overeating, weight gain and depression. CBT changes the cognitive part of the circuit but does not change the underlying cause of the response, which is the emotional circuit. CBT can produce good short-term results, but often, when the person inevitably goes through stressful times again, the emotional circuit is reactivated. A sense they are back to "square one" may trigger self-blame for "failing" or reinforce an idea that they cannot change. From a neuroscience perspective, the treatment did not target the real problem: the underlying emotional circuit.

Is EBT healthcare?

EBT provides a foundation for optimal healthcare.

The purpose of EBT is to provide the fundamental skills to take charge of your health and promote optimal well-being. EBT is not a substitute for healthcare, but a way to potentiate your use of the health care system and avoid the overuse of medications, procedures and devices. Also, using the tools trains the brain for a higher purpose, with the downstream chemical effect of optimal wellbeing.

Why does EBT focus on joy?

The emotion of joy is a sign of optimal brain functioning.

When the brain is functioning at its best ("neural integration"), our physiology is optimal, and we experience the emotion of joy. Accessing even a few moments of joy during the day can be chemically powerful, as that joy signifies that our stress is low and our brain's reward centers are activated, both of which are needed for optimal well-being.

Can I share EBT with others?

Members often share our mission.

We appreciate your sharing the method with others to help us meet our mission of raising the set point of the planet. We believe these tools are core to living our best lives. With more people empowered to raise their set point, the world is a healthier, more peaceful and happier place. We offer programs to become an EBT Ambassador or, if you are a health professional, to become a Certified EBT Provider. All leaders in EBT complete the personal training so that they embody the method and raise their own set point.

How do I start using EBT?

Sign up for a membership.

Begin by choosing a membership that is right for you. Most people start with our online membership, download the EBT app and use the tools 20 times. Then they feel ready to learn the EBT method by taking the 30-Day Challenge. They learn one small but important skill each day, for 30 days (self-pacing works well, too!). They reach out to our Support Team if they have questions.

Do I need to join an EBT telegroup?

The more support you access, the faster you see amazing results.

Some individuals prefer to stay with the EBT self-study membership. Others want more structure and inspiration so they select either daily or weekly telegroups to experience better results, faster. The emotional brain is the social brain, so it changes most efficiently when we use the tools with others.

The most popular option is the 30-Day Intensive, which meets daily for 30-minutes over 30 consecutive days. Participants typically have a life-changing experience, as the brain learns to organize itself around a higher set point. Also, afterward, they can continue to connect with other group members for the cost of an online membership.

In addition to the 30-Day Intensive, we offer weekly telegroups for 30 minutes (Check In only) or 60 minutes (Check In and deep work). Join the online membership to get started. Experience the power of the tools to switch off stress and activate a warm glow in your body allowing you to be your best self.

Who are EBT Providers?

They are health professionals who specialize in EBT.

EBT Providers all use the method and have raised their own set point and have completed clinical training in EBT. While they may be physicians, psychotherapists, and other health professionals, they do not practice their profession in facilitating groups and coaching.

EBT Providers offer no advice about your situation. Instead, they specialize in helping you to quickly and easily utilize the tools, so that you experience that state of connection in which you listen to the deepest part of yourself and accesses your inherent strength, goodness and wisdom. They are drawn to certification and to provide these services, because they want to empower people to help themselves and to be part of an innovative neuroscience-based paradigm in health care. Since EBT Providers have experienced the power of the tools to transform their own lives, they are enthusiastic about sharing the EBT experience with others.

What happens in a telegroup session?

Groups are small, private, confidential and effective.

Telegroup sessions meet with the same EBT provider and five or six like-minded participants to learn how to use the EBT tools together. Each session is private, with no identifying information (last name, email, phone or location) and a great sense of joy and power in the process. Convenient telegroups spare the participants transportation time or expense, while the brain lights up in response to a fellow human voice, providing an experience that is both authentic and meaningful.

Just call into each group session from home, from work or while in transit, and be greeted by your EBT Provider. There is no requirement to say anything, and you may pass by stating, "I pass," when it is your turn to share. Warm up to the group slowly and start witnessing rapid changes in yourself and others. Between each session, connect by phone for one to five minutes with another group participant, to practice and use the tools.

Research has shown that these connections are associated with positive health outcomes and loving the EBT process. Try a group for four weeks, and if you are not satisfied, we will happily switch or cancel your membership. Our goal is for you to find the EBT tools and groups to be the most powerful support you have ever experienced!

What if I don’t like EBT?

You can stop your membership at anytime.

You can de-activate your subscription at anytime, and you will have access to the program until the next four-week billing cycle begins. It only takes one click to cancel your membership, and we conclude your membership with a smile. Often, after people stop their membership, then find their way back to EBT eventually. The most frequent response to why they are returning: "EBT works!"

Questions? Call 800-441-2054 M-F 9am to 4pm Pacific Time or email us at support@ebt.org.