The EBT Team

Laurel Mellin, PhD

Founder, Emotional Brain Training

Dr. Mellin is a health psychologist who founded and developed emotional brain training. She is an associate clinical professor of family and community medicine and pediatrics at the University of California San Francisco. Dr. Mellin has authored papers on the science and efficacy of EBT and is a New York Times bestselling author of four books on the method.

Walt Rose, MBA

CEO, EBT, Inc.

Mr. Rose is an entrepreneur and leader in technology and health, having served as Chairman of the Board of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and as founding partner of McBain Rose, a private equity firm. He is currently a Board Member of Marin General Hospital and Aspiranet, a social service agency for at risk youth. Mr. Rose holds an undergraduate degree from Yale University and an M.B.A. from Stanford University.

Arinn Testa, PsyD

Director of Research, Emotional Brain Training

Dr. Testa is a clinical psychologist who was initially involved in EBT five years ago as part of a National Institutes for Health study evaluating the use of EBT on the stress of pregnant women. Dr. Testa has held faculty positions training graduate students in neuroscience and psychology and has directed EBT professional training since 2011.

Dev Singh

CTO, EBT, Inc.

Mr. Singh is the Chief Technology Officer for EBT and has been the lead programmer since 2011, building websites that draw on his expertise in web development, mobile applications and user-friendly design.

Frannie Wilson

Member Care Specialist, EBT, Inc.

Ms. Wilson is an EBT coach and EBT's Member Care Specialist as well as a member of the marketing team. She has been involved with EBT since 2015 and has experienced the entire EBT curriculum herself. She is passionate about EBT and her goal is to make it as welcoming and user friendly as possible. Before EBT she had a career in grassroots organizing and environmental advocacy.

Michael McClure

Director of Communications, EBT, Inc.

Mr. McClure has been affiliated with emotional brain training for eight years, in a range of customer services, marketing, technology, and administrative roles. He is currently the Director of Communications. He serves as a contributing member of technology teams and participates in the planning and execution of marketing initiatives.

Kelly McGrath

Chief Administrative Officer, EBT, Inc.

Ms. McGrath has been an EBT team member for more than 15 years, serving as office manager and then chief administrative officer. She is highly experienced in business systems and the coordination of the entire team. She is am important contributor to the functioning of the organization and highly effective in administration particularly during dynamic periods of growth.

Igor Mitrovic, MD

Scientific Director, Emotional Brain Training

Dr. Mitrovic is a professor of medicine at UCSF and a core faculty member in advanced certification in the method. He conceptualized the stress circuitry classifications of EBT and participates in EBT research. Dr. Mitrovic brings his expertise in neuroscience and physiology to the emotional brain training.

Lindsey Fish, MD

Clinical Scholar, Emotional Brain Training

Dr. Fish is an internist with 10 years of experience studying and teaching professionals in the neuroplasticity research applied to emotional brain training. Dr. Fish is a faculty member of the University of Colorado in the School of Medicine, and contributes to papers and research on the science and efficacy of EBT.

Lynda Frassetto, MD

Research and Stress Consultant, Emotional Brain Training

Dr. Frassetto is a clinical professor of medicine at the Veterans Hospital of San Francisco and is a core faculty member in advanced certification in the method. She focuses on inflammation and stress, as well as physiologically-based dietary treatments to ease stress and promote improved set point. Dr. Frassetto consults on EBT research and authors papers on the science and efficacy of EBT.

Dave Ingebritsen, PhD, LPC

Certified EBT Master Trainer

Dr. Ingebritsen is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Behavioral Health Consultant, and Ph.D. in the Psychosocial Aspects of Sport. He has been a leader in EBT for 17 years and has delivered presentations on emotional brain training and addiction to professional groups, as well as speaking at professional meetings about EBT research.

Judy Zehr, LPC, MHRM

Director of Community Education, Emotional Brain Training

Ms. Zehr has been a leader in EBT for 20 years, including being named the EBT Provider of the Year in 2012. She is a specialist in attachment theory and EBT and delivers a series of presentations on that topic for advanced certification in the method. She is a licensed professional counselor.

Michele Welling, MD

Director of Provider Training, Emotional Brain Training

Dr. Welling is an internal medicine physician and specialist in emotional brain training, health education and addiction. Her professional interests include teaching and practicing EBT to help others to achieve health and vibrancy in their lives.