Plans & Pricing

Choose your plan today. Get started now with the EBT platform that best suits your needs — even if they change over time.

With an EBT account, you can:

  • Get powerful tools to alleviate stress symptoms like anxiety, overeating, depression, addiction etc.
  • Enjoy unlimited support from an EBT certified coach.
  • Access hundreds of instructional videos and pdf booklets.
  • Share learnings and insights with other EBT community members.

Basic Supported Self-Study

$9 / week *

Plus Weekly 30-minute telegroup

$19 / week *

Premium Weekly 60-minute telegroup

$39 / week *

Intensive 30 Day Challenge Package
20-week follow-up telegroup

$39 / week **

The 30-Day Challenge Course

EBT mobile app (iOS/Android)

7 Advanced EBT Courses

Weekly EBT Workshops

Unlimited EBT Coach Messaging

EBT Forum Boards

EBT Private Telephone Line

EBT Telegroup

30 min weekly

60 min weekly

30 min daily / 30 days

Private Community Connections

Private One-on-One Coaching

$69 per session

$69 per session

$69 per session

*Plans are autorenewed every four weeks at the standard plan rate, which varies (currently $36/4 weeks, $76/4 weeks and $156/4 weeks for the basic, plus and premium plans respectively) unless you cancel. One click cancellation stops autorenewal.

**A one time fee of $699 secures your enrollment, and beginning on your 30th day of your intensive program, a fee of $48/4 weeks for continuing support is autorenewed five times. Thereafter the aftercare support can be stopped through one click cancellation. Total fee for six-month Intensive Membership Package works out to $939 ($39/week). The initial one-time fee is 100% refundable until 14 days before the group start date, 50% refundable thereafter until the start date and not refundable thereafter. To support an exceptional training experience, if a quorum of 4 people are not present at the start of a group session, the session is cancelled and there is no make-up session or refund.