Plans & Pricing

With an EBT account, you can:

  • Get powerful tools to alleviate stress symptoms like anxiety, overeating, depression, addiction etc.
  • Enjoy unlimited support from an EBT certified coach.
  • Access hundreds of instructional videos and pdf booklets.
  • Share learnings and insights with other EBT community members.


per 4 week period

Weekly Telegroup

per 4 week period

Weekly Telegroup

per 4 week period

Intensive Package

entire package

The 30-Day Challenge Course

EBT mobile app (iOS/Android)

7 Advanced EBT Courses

Weekly EBT Workshops

Unlimited EBT Coach Messaging

EBT Forum Boards

EBT Private Telephone Line

EBT Telegroup***

30 min weekly

60 min weekly

30 min daily / 30 days

Community Connections for Instant Support

Private One-on-One Coaching

$69 per session

$69 per session

$69 per session

$69 per session

*You will be charged every 4 weeks at your chosen plan's 4-week rate, currently $39.00, $89.00 or $159.00. You can cancel your subscription at any time.
** The fee for the intensive package is 100% refundable until 14 days before the group start date, 50% refundable thereafter until the start date and not refundable thereafter.

***Telegroups consist of six to eight group members and are led by a highly trained EBT Certified Professional.
Brief (two to five minutes) private telephone connections with other group members for support have been shown to significantly improve the effectiveness of the method and increase participant satisfaction with the program..