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EBT offers a broad range of options

Online Memberships

Basic EBT

The app, forum boards, and drop-in workshops

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$9.99 per month*

Online Plus

Access the app and the
entire EBT program

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$39 per month*
Weekly Telegroups

Spiral Up Telegroup

Energizing 30 minutes of support
(Includes Online Plus)

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$89 per month*

Premium Telegroup

In-depth coaching for 60 minutes
(Includes Online Plus)

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$159 per month*
30-Day Intensives

The Intensive

Meet for 45 minutes 5 days
per week for 30 days
includes Online Plus

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$699 (one-time fee)*

Wired at One Intensive

A series of 30-day intensives to
cover the entire EBT program in
12 months (Online Plus included)

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$499 per month*

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*For billing purposes, 1 month = 4 weeks. All 4-week memberships are automatically renewed every 4 weeks. If you cancel, you will not be charged again, and your membership will continue for the rest of the time paid for.

The fee for one-time Intensives is 100% refundable until 14 days before the group start date, 50% refundable thereafter until the start date, and not refundable after the start date.

The fee for the Wired at One Intensives membership covers one 30-day intensive every six weeks, with two weeks between sessions to allow for optimal integration of the brain changes. Our research has shown that this “therapeutic window” of pacing is optimal for participant satisfaction and outcomes. As a result, some billing periods include significantly more group sessions than others. Canceling your membership after a higher service month (up to 20 sessions) and before paying for a lower service month (as few as 12 sessions) results in a cancellation fee of $250 for the extra sessions. (All new members to the Wired at One Intensives begin with a 20-session, higher service month, so there is no other fee exchange needed, as there are no occasions when a participant pays an initial fee and participates in a lower service month.)

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