Brain Based Health with EBT


Try Out the Tools*** 

$2.25/week $9.99 for 4 weeks* details

Online Plus*** 

$9.75/week $39.00 for 4 weeks* details

Check In Telegroup(30 minutes weekly)

$22.25/week $89.00 for 4 weeks* details

Premium Telegroup(60 minutes weekly)

$39.75/week $159.00 for 4 weeks* details

30-Day Intensive("The Brain Reset")

$23.30/day $699.00 one-time charge** details
The Brain Based Health App
EBT Book Online
Relaxation Audios
Weekly Workshops
The 30-Day Challenge
Advanced EBT Courses
Forum Boards
Messaging Support
Small Supportive Group
Community Connections
In-depth Coaching
An Individualized Program
Intensive Daily Support

*4-week membership. Membership is automatically renewed every 4 weeks unless cancelled. If you cancel, you will not be charged again and your membership will continue for the rest of the time paid for.

**The fee for the intensive package is 100% refundable until 14 days before the group start date, 50% refundable thereafter until the start date, and not refundable after the start date.

***A complimentary Welcome Coaching Session by phone with a Certified EBT Provider is included with this membership. Thereafter, select a provider and plan additional coaching sessions by phone monthly or as often as you like ($89/session).