Community Memberships

Community Memberships

Drop in for 30-minute Spiral Up demonstration sessions by telephone and Zoom sessions with Dr. Laurel Mellin, EBT Founder, to see spiraling up in action. Includes our mobile app, forum boards, the complete EBT Program and more. At any time, you can upgrade your membership to a weekly or daily group to see faster results and have a more engaging experience.

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Then it is just $39/per month*

Weekly 30-minute Groups

Weekly 30-minute Groups

Experience the basic support needed to see profound and lasting results with EBT. With five other people and a Certified EBT Provider, these 30-minute sessions anchor your week with awareness of your accomplishments and clear plans for next steps. Between sessions, enjoy 5-minute secure private "connections" with group members by telephone that research has shown to improve health outcomes and ratings of the user experience.

$89 per month*
Weekly 60-minute Groups

Weekly 60-minute Groups

Boost your support with weekly 60-minute sessions, which include the fundamentals of our 30-minute group plus real work in the session. Each week a participant volunteers to be guided through spiraling up by the group's Certified EBT Provider. The other members listen and give support, deepening their understanding of the tools. An exceptional experience for all. This is the standard of care for EBT.

$189 per month*
30-Day Intensives

30-Day Intensives

Experience about six months of progress with EBT in 30 days with our intensive. Meet Monday through Friday for 45 minutes for in-depth EBT with a Certified EBT Provider and seven other participants. Coaching in the EBT tools is included in each session as well as "connections" between members. Choose a Basic Intensive to complete How to Rewire or an Advanced Intensive to focus on one of the seven rewards of a purposeful life.

$699 (one-time fee)*

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*For billing purposes, 1 month = 4 weeks. All 4-week memberships are automatically renewed every 4 weeks. If you cancel, you will not be charged again, and your membership will continue for the rest of the time paid for.

The fee for one-time Intensives is 100% refundable until 14 days before the group start date, 50% refundable thereafter until the start date, and not refundable after the start date.

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