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Your brain is amazingly resilient

Your emotional brain has natural resilience pathways that turn stress into joy. EBT will give you the power to access these pathways, so you feel better faster.

Here's how it works: Whenever you feel stressed, reach for the EBT app, and spiral up. Experience immediate results. Anxieties, cravings, emptiness, and overreactions fade away.

EBT gives you a practical, proven, and reliable way to take charge of the quality of your life and improve your health.

Emotions as Medicine

The emotional brain is the controller of health. By using simple emotional skills, you can clear away harmful stress chemicals and activate the healing chemicals as you spiral up to joy.

Each time you use EBT, you'll enjoy that feel-good surge. So reaching for the EBT app will not only be your “first response” in any stressful situation but the foundation of your healthcare.

Deliver health-promoting chemicals naturally to your brain and body each time you spiral up. Amaze yourself with how rapidly these simple skills change your life.

Laurel Mellin, PhD EBT Founder

Access Your Power to Create Joy in Your Life!

"EBT offers a technology - based on 30 years of research - that can lift us from that stressed-out state to the natural state of joy."

"EBT is a gift from science to you."

Michael Merzenich, PhD "The Father of Neuroplasticity"

EBT is based on science, using emotional techniques to switch off the brain's ineffective “reactive circuits” that activate the cascade of harmful responses and switch on the effective “resilient circuits” that stimulate healing powers.

In 2007, health psychologist Laurel Mellin, PhD, and her colleagues at the University of California, San Francisco - Igor Mitrovic, MD, Lynda Frassetto, MD, and Lindsey Fish,MD - discovered a way to directly treat stress and proposed a new paradigm in healthcare based on using these skills. As these circuits control biochemistry, the EBT approach uses emotions as medicine.

They proposed a new paradigm in health care based on proactive use of brain-based skills to prevent and treat the stress-induced epidemics of our times. This new paradigm became EBT.

Since then, the research team has simplified and strengthened EBT to make it easy to learn and even more effective in rewiring trauma, anxiety, depression, overeating, addiction, and obesity. The resulting method, with a streamlined tech support platform for learning and using it, is the “new” EBT.

Highly Effective - and the Benefits Last

In a study conducted at UCSF, participants had improved their health at 3 months and these improvements were sustained at 2-year follow-up.

91% Increased
86% Enhanced
77% Decreased
*Percent of participants who reported improvement 2 years after participating in the program. JADA 2-Year Follow-Up Study University of California, San Francisco
"The method is a life-changer! The tools are based on cutting-edge neuroscience and they work."
Patricia A. Robertson, MD, professor of obstetrics and gynecology,
School of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco

Spiral Up from Stress to Joy

Spiral Up Groups

Live, anonymous 45-minute (telephone) groups five days a week (Monday through Saturday) at a variety of times to fit every schedule. Participate - or just listen - to Certified EBT Providers instruct the group and coach volunteers. Weekly live Zoom sessions with Dr. Laurel Mellin, EBT Founder. Access the app, the spiral up tool, and Dr. Laurel Mellin's books and videos.

Premium Telegroups

Weekly one-hour coaching over the phone with a Certified EBT Provider and up to seven other participants. Includes brief, confidential phone connections with fellow participants between sessions. Includes everything offered in the Spiral Up Groups - live group sessions and webinars, full access to the app, check in tool, and program books and videos.

The 30-Day Intensive

For a life-changing experience, choose an Intensive: a group that meets daily (Monday through Friday) for 45 minutes for 30 days. Participate in one intensive or a series of them to complete the program as quickly and easily as possible. Includes everything offered in the Spiral Up Groups - live session and webinars, full access to the app, check in tool, and program books and videos.

Switch off
reactive circuits

Switch on resilient

Start Spiraling Up Now!

You can gain control of your moods, stress, eating, weight, and health by spiraling up. You don't have to suffer. Use our proven skills based on the best of science and start spiraling up!

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