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  • Alleviate Anxiety
  • Decrease Depression
  • Stop Stress Overload
  • End Stress Eating
  • Lose Weight

Clear away negative feelings quickly

Your brain has a natural ability to move through negative feelings and stress very quickly.

Here's how it works: Say you feel anxious, stressed, or hungry for no reason. You reach for the EBT app and in a couple of minutes, your brain releases that stress and you have a whole new mindset and feel a lightness, tingle or glow in your body.

EBT is a new brain-based paradigm in health care that is so powerful we guarantee it. If you don't love EBT, you get your money back!

Learn the 5 Core Skills of Stress Overload

Become highly skilled at processing emotions and you will discover that stress melts away and most problems fade or disappear.

I’ll show you how to tame emotions with EBT's 5 Core Skills of Stress Overload and switch off all five kinds of stress: 1) situational 2) triggered 3) chronic 4) traumatic and 5) grieving.

Once you clear that stress, what appears? A new zest for life and a return to joy. Get started with EBT today!

Laurel Mellin, PhD EBT Founder

Switch off stress with the 5 Core Skills of Stress Overload

"EBT offers a technology - based on 30 years of research - that can lift us from that stressed-out state to the natural state of joy."

How can you benefit from EBT?

EBT for Individuals

Use this neuroscience approach to treat stress overload or stress eating and experience positive changes right from the start.

EBT for Health Professionals

Become certified in EBT so you can empower patients to overcome stress overload or stress eating and feel better faster.

"EBT is a gift from science to you."

Michael Merzenich, PhD "The Father of Neuroplasticity"

In 2007, health psychologist Laurel Mellin, PhD, and her colleagues at the University of California, San Francisco – Igor Mitrovic, MD, Lynda Frassetto, MD, and Lindsey Fish, MD – discovered a way to rewire the stress response.

They proposed a new paradigm in health care based on proactive use of brain-based skills to prevent and treat the stress-induced epidemics of our times. This new paradigm became EBT.

The benefits last

In a study conducted at UCSF, participants showed improvements 2 years after learning EBT skills.

91% Increased
86% Enhanced
77% Decreased
*Percent of participants who reported improvement 2 years after participating in the program. JADA 2-Year Follow-Up Study University of California, San Francisco
"The method is a life-changer! The tools are based on cutting-edge neuroscience and they work."
Patricia A. Robertson, MD, professor of obstetrics and gynecology,
School of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco

3 Ways to Switch Off Stress Overload

Option 1
Online Memberships

Drop-in community groups for live practicing of the 5 Core Skills of Stress Overload. Feel better right in the session. Includes the mobile app, and our video courses. Choose a basic or Online PLUS membership.

Option 2
Weekly Telegroups

The most popular memberships are weekly telegroups. Meet with 7 others and a Certified EBT Provider for in-depth coaching during sessions, personalized support, and inspiration. Connect with others privately between sessions, a feature of EBT that research has shown improves health and weight. Select either a 30- or 60-minute group.

Option 3
The 30-Day Intensive

For a life-changing experience, choose an Intensive: a group that meets daily for 45 minutes (Monday through Friday) for 30 days. Participate in one intensive or a series of them to complete the program as quickly and as easily as possible.

Switch off
reactive circuits

Keep It Simple

Switch on resilient

Get Stress Relief Now!

You don't have to live with stress eating or stress overload. Learn the 5 Core Skills of Stress Overload.

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