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A new brain-based way . . .

You can stop overeating, but it is not by dieting. It’s by understanding the root cause of overeating: the specific wires in the brain that trigger it.

Update how your brain processes stress so that you feel peace and power from within and your stress eating ends.

Use the Joy Method program, and begin trying out the tools. You’ll reduce your stress and experience more joy in your daily life.

. . . to end stress eating and raise your set point.

Next use powerful mental techniques for optimal well-being in four areas of life: food, mood, love and body.

Notice that you stop needing to overeat. Finally you are free to eat intuitively and not only lose weight but keep it off.

Last, strengthen your joy by raising your brain’s emotional set point, the most powerful thing that anyone can do.

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Online plus

Online PLUS

$39 / 4 weeks

Try out the method by enrolling in the Online PLUS plan. With this plan, you go at your own pace and play with the tools. If you like EBT, upgrade your membership to access more support or simply continue with this self-study plan.

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Weekly plus groups

Weekly 30-Minute Telegroup

$89 / 4 weeks

This membership includes a weekly 30-minute group by telephone with six to eight other members and a Certified EBT Professional. Perfect for those who would like to keep their EBT self-study program on track with a short weekly group meeting.

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Weekly premium groups joy

Weekly 60-Minute Telegroup

$159 / 4 weeks

This membership includes a weekly 60-minute group by telephone. As the EBT skills are best learned with others, this 60-minute group format has proven to be most effective because it gives you access to a highly trained EBT provider and the experiences of other group members.

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30-Day Joy Intensive Package

$699 / 30 days

Our Joy Intensive Package is a life-changing experience. For 30 days, you take a short break from daily life and call in to a small warm, affectionate group of like-minded people, led by an experienced EBT Provider. The group’s support and step-by-step structure leads to profound results.

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