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A new brain-based way . . .

You can stop overeating, but it is not by dieting. It’s by understanding the root cause of overeating: the specific wires in the brain that trigger it.

Update how your brain processes stress so that you feel peace and power from within and your stress eating ends.

Use the Joy Method program, and begin trying out the tools. You’ll reduce your stress and experience more joy in your daily life.

. . . to end stress eating and raise your set point.

Next use powerful mental techniques for optimal well-being in four areas of life: food, mood, love and body.

Notice that you stop needing to overeat. Finally you are free to eat intuitively and not only lose weight but keep it off.

Last, strengthen your joy by raising your brain’s emotional set point, the most powerful thing that anyone can do.

How to Get Started

Step 1. Try out the tools: Use our app to Create joy!

Join our online membership and learn simple tools to start creating more joy in your life. Our tools are amazing and our app makes it so easy to use them. It will give you “joy in your pocket” as you can create a moment of joy by using it – whether you are at work, at home or in transit. After you have created 20 moments of joy, move forward to step 2.

Step 2. Reduce stress and access your power – Take the 30-Day Challenge

Learn one small but important skill each day for 30 days. Watch our 10-minute video and read a few pages to learn the skill, then use it to ease stress, deepen relationships, boost productivity and change habits for the rest of the day. Create four "power grind-ins" or personalized statements that de-activate stress and activate optimal performance. Upgrade your membership with a weekly small telegroup with a Certified EBT Provider for motivation, structure and support. Want rapid results and optimal support? Enroll in our 30-Day Intensive package for 30 days that will change your life.

Step 3. Experience lasting results – Advanced EBT

As the stress eases and your brain activates the drive to stay present, connected and powerful, turn your attention to accessing more of the rewards of a purposeful life: sanctuary, authenticity, vibrancy, integrity, intimacy, spirituality and freedom. Continue with the EBT advanced courses to raise your emotional set point for lasting improvements in stress, mood, relationships, work, habits and life.

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