The Stress Solution

The root cause of overeating and overweight is stress.

The first method to show
lasting weight loss after treatment ends.
John Foreyt, PhD Obesity Expert, Baylor College of Medicine

Use EBT and eating, weight, mood, relationships, and stress improve.

EBT gave me the power to anchor
myself and transform my life
David, San Diego, CA

Everyone is stressed these days. It's a perfect time to learn tools that will change your life!

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Private Support

Try Out The Tools

$9.99 / 4 weeks

Use our mobile app to move from feeling stressed to feeling great. Use the stress solution and train your brain for optimal resilience. Includes 150 audios of real people using the tools to solve real problems!


Online PLUS

$39.00 / 4 weeks

Access our entire online program with all videos, courses, forum boards, and weekly drop-in workshops. Switch off cravings and rewire four circuits that make it easier to lose weight, eat healthy, and live a vibrant life!


Concierge Coaching Private telephone sessions

$79.00 / 4 weeks

For private support, select telephone coaching. Connect with a dedicated, enthusiastic Certified EBT Provider by phone (one session per month) and access unlimited messaging. Schedule additional sessions when you need them (additional fee applies). Highly recommended. Includes all Online PLUS features.


Group Support

Check In Telegroup Weekly for 30 minutes

$89.00 / 4 weeks

Enjoy a 30-minute weekly group by telephone with a Certified EBT Provider and five other participants. Use our private, confidential phone system to connect with other members for between-session support. Includes all Online PLUS features.


Premium Telegroup Weekly for 60 minutes

$159.00 / 4 weeks

Our premium telegroups are one full hour per week by telephone with a Certified EBT Provider and five other participants. They include hands-on use of the tools. Each session is exciting and deep. Your Certified EBT Provider personalizes your plan and the between-session connections and support make this service exceptional! Includes all Online PLUS features.


30-Day Intensive The Brain Reset

$699.00 / 30 days

Our intensive is the ideal way to reset your brain for health, happiness, and purpose. Accomplish six months of progress in 30 days. In daily 30-minute sessions with a Certified EBT Provider and five other participants, you’ll feel inspired and change rapidly. A life-changing experience! Includes all Online PLUS features.

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