Brain Based Health with EBT

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The Stress Eating Solution

Tired of dieting, losing the weight, eating healthy for a long time then - bingo - you’re back to overeating?

Welcome to brain-based health. It’s a new approach to overeating, health, and life.

What’s brain-based health?

It's simple. There are five levels of stress in your brain. If you are in the high-stress levels, chemical imbalances trigger overeating and weight gain.

If you're in the low-stress levels, the balancing chemicals shut off the drive to overeat, and promote weight loss.

The brain-based strategy for eating healthy and losing weight is to check in throughout the day and move from high-stress levels to low-stress levels.

Give yourself a surge of “feel good” chemicals. Stress eating stops!

The EBT tools give you the power to switch off stress and switch on well-being. Cravings fade and you activate the desire to eat healthy. It’s so easy!

Discover a few stress wires in your brain that trigger overeating, and use the same techniques to rewire them for lasting results.

Give yourself more surges and live your best life!

Brain-based health is at the forefront of medical care and it’s a movement. Let’s use our brain’s natural resilience pathways to activate healing chemicals and shut off the harmful stress chemicals that cause up to 90 percent of health problems.

Experience the exciting world of brain-based health. We’ve created the "Try Out the Tools" membership to make that easy. Get started now!

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$9.99 / 4 weeks

Start using the tools with our app, read our book, and discover how easy it is to switch off the stress response and experience a new level of freedom in your life.

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Online PLUS

$39.00 / 4 weeks

Expand your practice with videos and courses to learn how to rewire circuits and feel better faster. Connect with a mentor, and progress with your practice!


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Improve your practice with this 30-minute group, and access community connections, real-time use of the tools, and being with others who are using the tools to feel better faster.


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Premium Telegroup Weekly for 60 minutes

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Do in-depth work with a small group of dedicated members who are raising their set point. This premium service will become the highlight of your week for personal renewal.


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The Brain Reset 30 Day Intensive

$699.00 / 30 days

Reset your brain in 30 days, and accomplish what would otherwise take 6 months to experience! For those who want rapid results and a wonderful experience!