Brain Based Health with EBT

Discover your brain’s natural pathways from stress to joy

Welcome to Brain Based Health. It’s a new approach to eating healthy, losing weight, and keeping it off. The tools are evidence-based and apply breakthroughs in neuroplasticity to train your brain to eat healthy, feel happy and loved, and joyfully release extra weight.

What’s Brain Based Health?

Brain Based Health uses the tools of emotional brain training (EBT). No other method uses emotions to switch off stress and activate positive emotions – in about four minutes. Traditional treatments (CBT, mindfulness, insight) take far longer (usually 30 minutes to three hours) to shut off the stress that fuels overeating and weight gain. With this approach, we don’t focus on food; instead we focus on counting Joy Points and connecting to the safe place inside. The drive to overeat calms down, and healthy food starts tasting delicious!

Best of all, when stressful times come, we can use our brain’s natural pathways to shut off stress, activate joy, and continue to eat healthy and keep the weight off.

The future of healthcare is now!

Most methods change the thinking brain, however, stress-related problems, as well as the greatest joys in life, are products of the emotional brain.

When we use these tools, we change our emotional brain and become resiliency superstars. That brain is so powerful that nearly every aspect of life can significantly and meaningfully improve, including sugar addiction, binge eating, mindless overeating, and food cravings.

Brain Based Health is the future of healthcare. We have an enormous capacity to take charge of our overeating, moods, relationships, body image, and health. We just need the tools and support to follow our brain’s natural pathways from stress to joy.

Take the leap! Try out these tools and experience your amazing power to overcome stress eating, and experience more joy in your daily life!

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Try Out The Tools

$9.99 / 4 weeks

Discover the power of using your brain's natural pathway from stress to joy with our NEW app. When you feel stressed, use the app. Worried? Irritable? On edge? Use the app. Typically, in four minutes or less, you'll clear away stress and be charged up and at your best. Includes an e-learning book on how to use the app to experience better health, positive moods, loving relationships, high productivity, and healthy habits.


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Online PLUS

$39.00 / 4 weeks

Use the Brain Based Health app to move from stress to joy and quiet cravings. Enjoy our 30-day step-by-step program to stop stress eating, lose weight, and experience a vibrant, joyful life. See the tools in action with videos and enjoy the Brain Based Health community with drop-in workshops and forum boards. Access the entire Brain Based Health Program for more lasting freedom from overeating and protection against weight regain.


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Check In Telegroup Weekly for 30 minutes

$89.00 / 4 weeks

The emotional brain changes more rapidly if we use the tools with others. It loves small groups that meet regularly. Our Check In telegroup membership includes a 30-minute weekly group with six participants and a Certified EBT Provider. Connect with others in your group throughout the week!


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Premium Telegroup Weekly for 60 minutes

$159.00 / 4 weeks

If you want to use the tools in a deeper way, this premium group is the right choice. Enjoy all of the benefits of other memberships, with a full hour telegroup. The groups are small (six participants) and your Certified EBT Provider will guide you through using the tools in real time!


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The Brain Reset 30 Day Intensive

$699.00 / 30 days

This rapid 'reset' of the brain with daily 30-minutes of small group support is a winner! The brain changes most rapidly when we learn one small but important skill each day – and everyone in this six-person group learns together. Reset your brain in 30 days, and accomplish what would otherwise take six months. For those who want rapid results and a life-changing experience.


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