Welcome to the EBT Practice of

Misa Lawson MPH, RDN, CDE

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Misa Lawson MPH, RDN, CDE

Certified EBT Provider
Since 2004
Location: California, USA

About Misa

With 12 years certification as an EBT Provider, she is enthusiastic about how EBT boosts the love in our lives - as well as improve health.

What Brought Me To EBT

I felt that my counseling skills were inadequate to address the root cause of how stress drives dietary and other health behaviors. I wanted to help people in a valuable way, and I needed a method which not only helps people change behavior, but would actually move up their set point. I knew that joy was an essential part of health, but I didn't know how to train others to create sustainable rewards.

My Professional History

I am a clinical dietitian and specialize in diabetes, pediatrics, functional medicine and integrative health practices. I've worked in hospitals, clinics and various programs throughout the San Francisco bay area for 3 decades. EBT has been a precious gift. I a deeply grateful to pass that give on to others, to you, one person at a time. Each of us has the potential to experience joy and love, and be a positive force in this world. EBT is the missing piece!