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Molly Reno J.D.


Molly Reno J.D.

Certified EBT Provider
Since 2015
Location: California, USA

About Molly

Former Human Rights attorney. Certified EBT Coach and Somatic Coach. Committed to bringing EBT to social and environmental justice movements.

What Brought Me To EBT

I participated in a demonstration of the cycle tool without knowing anything about the cycle tool or EBT. In less than 10 minutes, I went from feeling resentment towards my partner for ways I perceived him to be withholding love from me to feeling deep gratitude and appreciation for the ways he does show love toward me. I wanted more!

My Professional History

I have been a long time social justice activist. While practicing law in Ann Arbor, MI, I represented over 800 women and girl prisoners who had been sexually assaulted by staff. We filed a series of class action cases and after 13 years of litigation, the State of Michigan agreed to reform the entire women's prison system in order to minimize future sexual assault. In 2009, I became certified as a somatic coach and in 2015 was certified as an EBT coach.

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