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Michele Welling, MD

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Michele Welling, MD

Certified EBT Provider
Since 2013
Location: Kentucky, USA

About Michele

Hello! I am a physician in Kentucky and started doing EBT in 2012 with my personal work, then moved into coaching EBT in 2013. I am presently very proud to be a part of the EBT Leadership Team as a Trainer and Coach. I am married with four children and two grandchildren. I have a service dog, Luna, who is my constant companion!

What Brought Me To EBT

I began EBT in 2012 as part of my ongoing search for how to deal with the stress in my life, as well as how to help my patients. I found that EBT was the answer as it is based on neurobiology and is the only thing that can help to rewire the emotional brain for lasting results. The joy that I have found in my EBT work is what sustains me, and I am honored to be able to share that with others.

My Professional History

I have been an Internal Medicine physician for over 25 years and am presently serving as a Medical Director for a County Detention Center in Lexington Ky. My professional interests include neurobiology as it relates to stress and disease, psychiatry and addiction. I serve on our local Board of Health and the board of Life Adventure Center.

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