The Intensive

Our intensive is our most effective short-term membership. It delivers rapid and remarkable results and a "brain reset." After just 30 days, you will be functioning at a higher level in daily life and will be highly skilled in the EBT method.

Meet five days per week for 45-minute sessions, with each one including in-depth coaching, an intense emotional experience, and skill building. Participants say that they have accomplished in 30 days what would otherwise have taken six months. Also connect with fellow group members with our private, confidential phone system for added support.

With seven other people and a Certified EBT Provider, these sessions are exciting and full of daily insights, breakthroughs, and "aha" moments. This is a life-changing experience and highly recommended for those who are tired of the status quo and ready for a breakthrough program to accelerate creating far more power, joy, and vibrancy in their lives.

$699 (one-time fee)

The Intensive

  • A 30-day program, meeting for 45-minutes by teleconferencing, Monday through Friday with a Certified EBT Provider or Mentor followed by two weeks of "rest" for the brain to integrate the improvements made
  • Personalized coaching and support during each session
  • Unlimited messaging to your provider or mentor between sessions
  • Private community connections for peer support and inspiration

The Brain Based Health Program

  • The 30-Day Challenge with daily videos and readings
  • The Advanced EBT courses for lasting improvements in health

Community Support

  • Forum boards and drop-in workshops
  • Workshop library of over 200 topics

The Brain Based Health app

  • Switch off stress in 1 to 3 minutes
  • Train your brain for automatic resilience
  • Stop overreactions and clear cravings, anytime, anywhere
  • Stay connected to your life’s purpose throughout your day
Questions? Contact our EBT Support Team We are here to help. Monday - Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time

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