The 30-Day Stress Eating Solution Intensive

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For rapid change and exceptional results, this daily intensive program is ideal. We created this support option because our participants asked for it! It was easy for them to find 30 minutes to step away from work or home responsibilities and the daily support resulted in easier and more profound results. After 30 days, they had achieved results that we typically see after six months of EBT training. Expect to see changes in your eating, mood, relationships, and body image. With five to seven people in a group, you have plenty of stimulation and inspiration to make this intensive a life-changing experience.

$699.00 / 30 days
  • 30-minute daily EBT telegroup with a Certified EBT Provider
  • Private coaching sessions at the start and conclusion of the intensive to personalize your program
  • Unlimited messaging with your Certified EBT Provider between sessions
  • EBT mobile app for rapidly decreasing hunger, cravings, and stress and increasing the joy in your daily life.
  • Step-by-step video courses and readings including:
    • The 30-Day Joy Challenge: the stress eating solution
    • The 7 Advanced EBT Courses: raise your set point for lasting results
  • Forum boards and phone-in workshops
  • 5-minute relaxation programs to train your brain for purpose and well-being
  • Access to adding private telephone coaching sessions with your provider
  • One-touch cancellation
Open Intensives

More About the 30-Day Intensive

This 30-minute daily Stress Eating Solution Intensive (“Joy Intensive”) telegroup will quickly become the high point of your day. You’ll be supported by up to six other people who are invested in training their brain to stop stress eating and activate the drive to eat healthy and, if desired, release extra weight.

The course begins with training the brain to create joy, as in that state of optimal well-being the drive to stress eat begins to fade. Then the group learns how to switch the state of the brain to rapidly stop cravings. Next, you will rewire four major circuits that impact your eating and weight.

This intensive is highly recommended as the most effective way to experience the full power of EBT. This is a life-changing experience for anyone who has struggled with eating and weight. The center of our eating and weight control is in the emotional brain. Traditional methods do not change the circuits that drive overeating and weight gain. You learn how to target and change those circuits, with the goal of creating so much balance and joy in your brain and body that the drive to overeat fades and eating healthy and releasing extra weight becomes exciting and fun. These are the signs that you have addressed the root cause of overeating and overweight, so that you can experience more lasting results and more freedom from eating and weight issues.

Get Started

During the first week of the intensive, you’ll connect with your EBT Provider for a welcoming coaching session by telephone to answer your questions and personalize your plan for achieving the best results with EBT. Also, begin trying out the tools and reading the introduction to the Stress Eating Solution e-course.

Take the 30-Day Joy Challenge

Call into your group from home, work, or in transit and you will be greeted by your Certified EBT Provider and up to six other participants. Each session is fast-paced and experiential. Day by day you will learn one new technique, and explore using it with your group members. The emotional brain is the social brain and changes more rapidly when we connect with others. The challenge course involves watching a brief video to learn a new skill, then using that skill to short-circuit cravings, ease stress, and create joy in your day. Your program will be personalized to your needs and you will learn from the provider as well as other group members. During the sessions, there will be relaxations, visualizations, and tool demonstrations. Everyone has a chance to speak up, but if you prefer just to listen on a particular day, that is fine, too! Each group session concludes with a plan for the next day’s learning and a great deal of joy. Leave each session feeling charged up, more skilled in the method, and ready to create joy in your life. After 30 days, you will have a new relationship with food, your body, and life!

Raise Your Set Point

During the last week of the intensive, you'll connect with your EBT Provider for a coaching session by telephone to appreciate your progress and personalize your post-intensive plan. Begin with 30 days to train your brain in the vibrancy habit and make solid the wiring changes you made during the Stress Eating Solution Intensive. Then, continue with the Advanced EBT Courses for lasting results to raise your set point to access an abundance of life’s richest rewards: Sanctuary, Authenticity, Vibrancy, Integrity, Intimacy, Spirituality, and Freedom.

The EBT Community

As a member of an EBT Intensive, your subscription will automatically renew every four weeks so that you can continue connecting with your group. The costs will vary depending upon which follow-up support you choose, either $39.00 / 4 weeks (Online Plus), $89.00 / 4 weeks (30-minute telegroup), or $159.00 / 4 weeks (60-minute telegroup). Want to stop your membership? Use our one-click cancellation at any time. The EBT memberships are highly flexible, to make it easier for you to stay with EBT until you have raised your set point. What’s more, if you need to take a break from EBT and cancel your membership, you will still have full access to your group and the program until the next billing date. Also, if you return to the method later on, our system automatically reconnects you with people you connected with in your previous groups who have retained their membership.


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