Premium Telegroup

Premium telegroup

This membership is designed for people who have moderate to high stress or who want to use the tools to do the deeper work that promotes optimal results. It includes 60-minute weekly groups with five other people and a Certified EBT Provider. The sessions provide opportunities to learn and practice using the tools in more elegant and effective ways. A wonderful weekly experience that will soon be a highlight of your week.

You’ll have access to the complete brain based health online program and you’ll get off to a great start with a complimentary private Discovery Coaching Session by telephone with a Certified EBT Provider. This is an effective way to experience the life-changing benefits of brain based health!

$159.00 / 4 weeks
  • 60-minute weekly EBT telegroup with a Certified EBT Provider
  • Discovery Coaching Session to experience the power of the tools.
  • Unlimited messaging with your Certified EBT Provider between sessions
  • EBT mobile app for rapidly decreasing hunger, cravings, and stress and increasing the joy in your daily life
  • Step-by-step video courses and readings including:
    • The 30-Day Joy Challenge: the stress eating solution
    • The 7 Advanced EBT Courses: raise your set point for lasting results
  • Forum boards and phone-in workshops
  • 5-minute relaxation programs to train your brain for purpose and well-being
  • One-touch cancellation
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