Frannie Wilson, BS

Certified EBT Coach Since 2017

About Me

Hi! I am enthusiastic about EBT, very warmhearted and love to be in nature. I would be honored to share in your EBT journey!

What Brought Me To EBT

Once my kids started to gain independence, I had more time to take care of myself. I knew I had past emotional trauma that needed healing. A dear friend introduced me to EBT in 2015 and I loved it right away. The results have been life-changing. EBT taught me to embrace both my light and dark sides and to forgive myself and others for past deep hurts. I found joy, freedom and purpose!

My Professional History

I spent my childhood backpacking and mountaineering in California's Sierra Nevada. This impacted my career choices. I developed a grand passion for our natural world and a deep concern for its fragility. This lead naturally to my majoring in conservation and resource studies, earning a BS degree from UC Berkeley. That experience set me up to become a grassroots organizer and lobbyist for Sierra Club for 13 years. From there my passion turned to caring for my family and community. I raised my two sons with my husband, while volunteering extensively. Along the way, my husband and I formed a consulting firm in 2012. As our kids became less dependent, I wanted to turn some of my attention inward and take better care of myself. I found EBT in 2015 and was hooked! After completing all the EBT Advanced Courses I now have as much joy in my regular everyday life as I used to only find in the woods or on a mountaintop. As I healed past hurts and rewired my brain, I naturally expanded my passion for serving others. I discovered I want to teach others the tools that help me traverse the stresses of my life so that they too can live more joyful, satisfying, healthy and productive lives. I started EBT's professional training in 2016. I became a Certified EBT Mentor in 2017. In 2018 I joined the EBT staff as our Welcome Support Specialist. I am creating joy in my life by bringing EBT to others! I would be delighted to share EBT with YOU.

Frannie's Telegroups