Laurel Mellin, PhD

Certified EBT Provider Since 2000

About Me

I am the founder of EBT and have been researching and teaching EBT for 30 years. I love using the tools in my own life and am excited to share them with you. Welcome to EBT!

What Brought Me To EBT

I had struggled with "emotional overeating" and even became a nutritionist, in part, to treat that drive, but later became a health psychologist to address the root causes. Both of my parents had significant health issues and I was drawn to valuing health and what we could do for ourselves to be healthy. I always wanted to be like "Johnny Appleseed."

My Professional History

I started in nutrition as part of an interdisciplinary training team in adolescent medicine, then moved to family medicine and neurophysiology of stress over time and became a health psychologist. My work at UCSF has given me a chance to work with world renowned scientists and I have learned so much from them. Now my work focuses on growing EBT and training a new generation of providers, making accessible a new paradigm in health care. We can ssolve problems with these tools, then move to purpose and raising our set point. Such JOY!

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