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Robin Anderson BSc. RD

Certified EBT Provider Since 2005

About Me

I live in Edmonton, AB Canada with my husband and 2 furry friends (I am kind of a crazy cat lady). I work as a dietitian and manager with the Edmonton Southside Primary Care Network. You'll most likely find me outside enjoying nature - be it hiking, biking or just being!

What Brought Me To EBT

I was introduced to EBT through a good friend in 2003. It made so much sense and I immediately fell in love with the method. I became certified provider in 2005. Although I came to EBT to enhance my professional work, I stay committed to it for the strength, peace, joy and resiliency it gives me personally!

My Professional History

I've worked as a Registered Dietitian for over 25 years mostly in primary care and private practice. The majority of my clinical experience has been working with clients to better understand how their mood, stress and relationship with food and eating impacts their weight and health. I love the how neuroscience explains these interactions so well and how EBT provides the tools to create better joy, vibrancy and health in our lives!

Robin's Telegroups

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