Robin Anderson BSc.

Certified EBT Provider Since 2005

About Me

I am many things.... a dietitian, life-long learner, animal lover, quilter, hiker, biker and joy seeker! I have and husband and two amazing adult children who never cease to inspire and make me proud. I love to travel and create new adventures. I love the energy that comes of spending time with others and working as a team, but I also crave time alone and restoring myself out in nature and in quiet moments.

What Brought Me To EBT

Within two weeks in early 2003, two clients and a good friend recommended I investigate EBT. Immediately I knew I had landed on something life and career changing. EBT answered why so many of my clients struggled between “knowing what to do and not being able to do it”. As I started learning the tools for myself, I was hooked! I became certified provider in 2005 and continued to develop my personal and professional skills. I am genuinely grateful for the transformation EBT has made in my life! I consider it a privilege and joy to support others in this work.

My Professional History

I've worked as a Registered Dietitian (licensed in Alberta, CAN) for 30 years mostly in primary care and private practice. Much of my clinical experience has focused on helping clients better understand how their mood, stress and relationship with food and eating impacts their health, and weight. I love the how neuroscience-based medicine explains these interactions so well and how EBT provides the tools to change our brains and behavior to support joy, vibrancy and health in our lives!

Robin's Telegroups

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