Arinn Testa PsyD

Certified EBT Provider

About Me

Hello! I'm the Director of EBT Research and a Licensed Psychologist in California. I've been coaching and using EBT in my own life since 2010 - and, I'm in love with the work!

What Brought Me To EBT

A serendipitous twist of fate. I was selected to join an NIH funded research study as the Primary Clinical Researcher for a study on the effects of EBT with pregnant over weight mothers. I was fortunate to consult on the EBT method that was adapted for this population: Mom's in JOY. Prior to the roll-out of the study I developed an exercise component, Eudonic Yoga, that incorporated the 7 Eudonic Rewards with a series of seven different yoga postures and movements.

My Professional History

I'm a Psychologist, decades deep in into my practice, and an avid supporter of a holistic approach to health. My style has evolved over the years based on exposure to new methods and concepts. However, it's always maintained an adherence to bringing the body/mind/spirit dimensions into balance within the lives of those I've worked with. That balance is very individual and I get so much joy in being with others as they discover what that is for them. Having specialized in neuroscience, I appreciate the biological contributions of behavior and the hopeful endeavors that can be implemented in order to impact the quality of our lives.