Dave Ingebritsen PhD

Certified EBT Provider

About Me

Certified in EBT since 1998, has a gentle and deep way of giving support.

What Brought Me To EBT

I was introduced to EBT in 1998 by my mother who was a dietician. She said that this program got to the root of weight concerns. I had worked for several years prior to 1998 as a therapist and worked with people struggling with anxiety, depression, excess weight and other concerns. These people were making progress, but often had difficulty maintaining the gains. I needed to learn more. It became apparent very quickly that food, anxiety, depression, etc., were just symptoms. It was important to address the root causes of the behaviors and learn how to break the old circuits and transition them into circuits that supported and sustained change.

My Professional History

I earned a Master degree in Counseling and a Ph.D. in the Psychosocial Aspects of Sport. I am certified in the State of Idaho as a Clinical Counseling Supervisor and a Clinical Supervisor for substance use disorders treatment, and have been a certified provider and trainer with EBT since 1998. I have worked as a therapist in a sexual assault center treating victims and families in a city in Eastern Washington and as a therapist with the same agency in Northern Idaho. Since 1995, I have worked as a therapist, Director of Behavioral Health, and most recently as a Behavioral Health Consultant in Primary Care with a clinic owned and operated by a local Tribe.