Molly Reno J.D.

Certified EBT Provider Since 2015

About Me

Certified EBT Provider and Somatic Coach. Former Human Rights attorney. Molly is committed to bringing EBT the healing power of EBT she has experienced in her own life to others including those working on social justice issues.

What Brought Me To EBT

At a workshop, Molly volunteered to demonstrate the cycle tool without knowing anything about tool or EBT. In less than 10 minutes, she went from feeling resentment towards her partner for ways she perceived him to be withholding love to feeling deep gratitude and appreciation for the ways he does show love toward her. She wanted more!

My Professional History

Molly worked as a lawyer for many years. After being treated for breast cancer, Molly began leading support groups for cancer patients focused on discovering meaning and purpose in life. She became certified as a Somatic coach and then as an EBT Provider. EBT has been transformative for Molly and she wants to bring the gift of EBT to others.

Molly's Telegroups

Private Coaching Available