A Solution for Stress

Transform stress into joy. Learn the simple, science-based skills of EBT.

"You have the power to create joy in your life."

Laurel Mellin, PhD Founder, EBT

Exceptional Resilience

There are hidden pathways in your emotional brain that can take you from stress to joy in 1 to 4 minutes. EBT gives you the power to use these pathways in normal daily life.

Each time you use EBT to "spiral up" from stress to joy, you'll feel happy and healthy. Also, each use has a cumulative effect, training your brain for spontaneous and exceptional resilience.

The EBT resiliency skills are proven and scientific.

"EBT is a gift from science to you." Michael Merzenich, PhD Neuroscientist, University of California, San Francisco

Improvements are Lasting

In a study conducted at UCSF, participants showed improvements
in the quality of their lives even 2 years after learning EBT skills.
91% Increased
86% Enhanced
86% Improved
Work Coping
77% Decreased

Percent of participants who reported improvements 2 years after participating in the program.
JADA, 2-Year Follow-Up Study University of California, San Francisco

Stressed? Create Joy.

Whenever you are stressed, triggered, or have cravings, use EBT. Find it easier to change habits, live purposefully, and enjoy your life.

What our members say . . .

"My wife and I have a whole new language to communicate about our stress and to switch off overreactions. EBT saved our marriage."

Scott, New York

"I am a trial lawyer. Before EBT, my job sucked the life out of me. EBT changed my life, literally. I feel balanced, energized, and am much healthier.
I can't say enough good things about EBT. Thank you!"

Naomi, San Francisco

"Every day I use EBT to deal with stressful situations at work. I live a successful, joyful life because of this method."

Mary Croughan, PhD, Las Vegas

Select A Membership!

Basic EBT
$9.99 / 4 weeks

Everything you need to learn the basics of how to spiral up and get from stress to joy. Includes our amazing app, forum boards, and drop-in workshops.

Online Plus
$39.00 / 4 weeks

This online membership is right for you to learn how to spiral up, rewire old patterns, and raise your set point. It includes the EBT Stress Solution e-learning program as well as the mobile app, drop-in workshops, forum boards, and easy access to online support.

Private Coaching Private Telephone Sessions
$79.00 / 4 weeks

Access a monthly private coaching session by telephone with a Certified EBT Provider to personalize your program. Includes all Online Plus features.

Check In Telegroup Weekly for 30 minutes
$89.00 / 4 weeks

This 30-minute weekly telegroup with a Certified EBT Provider gives you the support to move forward with spiraling up and raising your set point. Use our private, confidential phone system for "Community Connections." Includes all Online Plus features.

Premium Telegroup Weekly for 60 minutes
$159.00 / 4 weeks

Our 60-minute weekly telegroup with a Certified EBT Provider includes coaching in how to spiral up more easily and more often. Use our private, confidential phone system for "Community Connections" for more support. Includes all Online Plus features.

The 30-Day Stress Overload Intensive The Brain Reset
$699.00 / 30 days

Our Intensive is ideal for people who want rapid results and an optimal experience. In daily 30-minute sessions with a Certified EBT provider and 5 to 7 other participants, you’ll be astonished at how quickly you and other members transform. Our Intensive is a life-changing experience!