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Our Online Plus membership includes the entire EBT Program, so you can move through the introductory “EBT Essentials” course to How to Rewire and the advanced courses that raise your set point.

Included are Drop-in Community Groups with a Certified EBT Provider for demonstrating using the 5 Core Skills of Stress Overload and learning how to use EBT in a highly effective way right from the start. Our lively forum boards and the Brain Based Health by EBT mobile app complete this membership package. If you want more support, just upgrade your membership at any time.

$39 / per month*
  • The entire EBT Brain Based Health Program for optimal resilience
  • Select an emphasis, either stress overload or stress eating
  • Learn how to rewire circuits that trigger stress overload in your emphasis
  • Gain the skills to access the 7 Rewards of a Purposeful Life
  • Forum boards and audiotapes of 200 workshop sessions
  • The EBT mobile app for switching off stress overload, anytime, anywhere
  • 5-minute Relax audio programs to ease your stress
  • Easy access to upgrades to add weekly telegroups or intensives
*For billing purposes, 1 month = 4 weeks
Questions? Contact our EBT Support Team We are here to help. Monday - Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time

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