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Try out our method by enrolling in the Online Plus Self-Study plan. With this plan, you go at your own pace and play with the tools. If you like EBT, upgrade your membership to access more support or simply continue with this self-study plan.

$39.0 / 4 weeks
  • EBT mobile app to decrease hunger, cravings, and stress and increase the joy in your daily life
  • Step-by-step video courses and readings, including:
    • The 30-Day Joy Challenge: the stress eating solution
    • The 7 Advanced EBT Courses: raise your set point for lasting results
  • Forum boards, phone-in workshops, mentor phone-in sessions, and mentor messaging
  • 5-minute relaxation programs to train your brain for purpose and joy
  • Access to more support – coaching or telegroups
  • One-touch cancellation
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More about Online PLUS

Our online self-study membership includes the EBT app, phone-in workshops, mentor support, and our complete e-learning program.

Get Started

During the first week or two of membership, use the app and listen to the relaxation tapes. Try out the tools! Prepare to approach eating and weight based on the power of changing your wiring and creating more joy in your life. Connect with your EBT Mentor to answer questions or phone into weekly support sessions.

Take the 30-Day Joy Challenge

When you are ready, take our exceptional challenge course, watching a brief video daily to learn a new skill, then using it to train your brain to spiral up to the state of joy in which cravings, hunger, and stress fade, and you naturally desire healthier food. Rewire four circuits that drive overeating and weight gain and notice that you feel emotionally lighter and happier. Your relationship to food, your body, and life begins to change. Wrap up the 30 days with a culminating experience of three days of vibrancy in which you feast on natural pleasures and personalize your lifestyle plan. Last, celebrate that you have discovered that eating healthy and releasing extra weight can be not only easy but fun. That is the power of neuroscience-based training for stress eating and weight.

Raise Your Set Point

Continue with the Advanced EBT Courses for lasting results. Begin with our Second 30 Days Program that will lock in your success from the 30-Day Joy Challenge and notice how easy it is to stop cravings and release extra weight. Then raise your set point to access an abundance of life’s richest rewards: Sanctuary, Authenticity, Vibrancy, Integrity, Intimacy, Spirituality, and Freedom.

The EBT Community

As a member of the EBT Community, your subscription is automatically renewed every four weeks, and we offer one-click cancellation at any time. If you take a break from EBT and cancel your membership, you will have full access to the program until the next billing date. Return at any time and we will happily resume your membership.


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