Weekly 30-minute Telegroup

Weekly plus groups

This membership includes a weekly 30-minute group by telephone with six to eight other members and a Certified EBT Professional. Perfect for those who would like to keep their EBT self-study program on track with a short weekly group meeting facilitated by an experienced EBT coach.

$89 / 4 weeks
  • 30-minute weekly EBT telegroup with a Certified EBT Professional
  • Confidential VOIP* telephone connections with other members
  • Step-by-step videos to learn one skill per day
  • EBT mobile app for easy access to the tools
  • Free access to weekly live EBT workshops and forum boards
  • Cancel anytime
Open Telegroups

* Voice over Internet

30-Minute Telegroup Support

Weekly meetings by telephone with six to eight other members and a Certified EBT Provider plus the complete Joy Challenge self-study program.

The skills are best learned with others and these popular, experiential sessions give just the motivation and inspiration you need. The sessions include time to ask questions, connect with other members, identify goals and track progress. This is a perfect membership for those who want group support and find that a brief group fits better with their busy schedule.

Call into the session from work, home or in transit and be warmly greeted by your Certified EBT Provider. Enjoy the session and leave the meeting feeling relaxed, energized and inspired.

After your first four weeks, you automatically continue your group experience with your Provider, the Joy Challenge, and the Advanced EBT Courses to expand your capacity to create joy, and promote lasting improvements in eating and weight. As a continuing member, your membership fee is $89 every four weeks. You have the option to de-enroll at anytime after your initial four weeks.

Contact Frannie Wilson, EBT Member Care Specialist at frannie@ebt.org