Getting Started

If you want to try out the tools by using the Brain Based Health by EBT app, this membership is right for you. In addition to the app, this membership includes an EBT online book on the science and practice of the tools, and five-minute relaxations and the online tools to get from stress to joy. Upgrade your membership to our complete program and add the online community coaching, or telegroups at any time.

$9.99 / 4 weeks
  • Brain Based Health by EBT app to rapidly move from stress to joy
  • Forum boards and drop-in workshops to help you get started
  • 5-minute relaxation programs to train your brain to feel rewarded
  • An Online Book on EBT to guide your way
  • One-touch cancellation
Get Started
Questions? Speak with a Welcoming Specialist 800-441-2054 Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time